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When you hold your vision…

When you hold your vision in your awareness, you are focused on what’s in front of you instead of what’s behind you. You are focused on what you can do, not what you didn’t do. A warrior is excited and passionate as she creates the future she most desires.

~ Debbie Ford, “The Shadow Effect”



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What To Do When You Forsee a Future Event

Have you ever just had a sudden bad feeling about a friend as if knowing something bad was going to happen to them?  Only to later see that your vibe was exactly correct?

Have you ever randomly thought of a family member only to later realize something they are struggling through?

Have you ever had a dream of a friend or family member only to realize later that your dream was exactly right about what that person is dealing with in their life right now?

Whether we fully realize it or not, we’ve all had these experiences as some point or another.  Some of them may be in a little “flash” of a pre-cognitive dream while others we’ve been able to visualize this unfolding in our mind’s eye while awake.

For myself I must say that knowing how to deal with foreseeing these events have been a bit of an inner struggle.  Why on earth would I want to know that my friend’s book will not be successful? Or that my friend’s baby is going to die after delivery?  And it’s not only the mere act of knowing this information, but being aware of this information but feeling that there is nothing you can do to prevent it from happening.  In fact, even in these situations (unless it may be a positive future event) its not even something that you can or want to tell the person because:

1.  They’d likely struggle to believe you

2. They probably don’t want to hear it if you tell them without their own willingness to listen by asking for guidance.

3.  Many times, it’s not really your proper place to even try to intervene because it’s their lesson to learn on their journey and not yours.

So, what can you do?  Actually the better question is this: Why were you given this information?

The truth is that we should never repress and ignore this information — it IS valid because if it wasn’t important for you to know then your spirit guides and angels wouldn’t have provided you with this information.  They wouldn’t have given you the gift of this higher-level awareness.  Clearly it is still important.

So what do you do?  Simple: Pray. Send prayers out to those that will be effected or are effected.  Pray for healing and provide this person with support to the best of your ability.  Help them through this loss and provide them with emotional support to get through this struggle.

Please note: In some cases the message is sent to you because you are supposed to intervene or warn someone about the situation.  However, if you are actually supposed to do this you will be provided with greater guidance as to how you should go about doing that.  If you don’t know how to go about doing that, then keep your lips sealed.

I’ll also note that there are some higher levels of awareness of information that can be sent to you at one point in time, but the steps on how to go about helping others with the idea may take time to unfold.  Be patient.  As you have more life experiences on your journey your guides will provide more pieces to the puzzle.  Know and trust that you’ll be given the information on how to create most effectively when the timing is truly right.

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The Challenge of Trusting Your Own Intuition

Earlier this week I did a post entitled Weather Tarot: How Will Typhoon Bolaven Go?.  I dealt the cards out of the sake of my own curiosity, as trying to predict the weather was something that I had never previously done with my tarot deck.  Plus, considering that this was going to be the first typhoon that I had ever experienced in my life, I kind of wanted a little insight as to what I can expect.

The cards that I dealt I felt were quite interesting, so I posted the spread for discussion in order to gain interpretations from others.

Since I was so fascinated by my previous tarot card spread, I also posted Weather Tarot Prediction: How Will Hurricane Isaac Go?.  This time, upon recommendation, I provided my interpretation in the initial post rather than leave it open-ended for readers to only interpret.

But there was an interesting thing I noticed arose within myself when I shared these readings and then provided my own interpretation: My inner self-defeating voices were saying “What if you’re wrong?” and so I wanted to hold back a bit rather than completely share the information I gathered from the cards.

What I find interesting now is how, despite my holding back, my prediction that there would be flooding in New Orleans and that they have not fully prepared or worked together for this storm, did in fact come true.  My initial intuitive interpretation was exactly right-on — so why on earth did I hold back and question it?  It’s a silly reaction that we all so often do.  I suppose to some degree I saw a potentially bad outcome and I didn’t want people to become fearful, but at the same time it is certainly still something that shouldn’t be hidden for the sake of warnings.

It’s a funny concept that not only tarot readers need to learn and deal with but also people of all careers, hobbies, and places is this: Have confidence in your intuition 100%.  Boldly say or follow whatever your initial instinct tells you.  The more confidence and faith you have in your intuition, then the more you open yourself up to intuitive messages.



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Blue Moon: August 31, 2012

Remember that this evening of August 31, 2012 will be a blue moon, which is the second full moon in one month.  The next blue moon will not be until 2015!

If you have any crystals or gemstones, be sure to place them on your window sill so they can be recharged tonight! 🙂


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10 Quotes by the Wise Mystical Psychologist Carl Jung



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Are Tarot Cards Evil?

This is a video response to a common question I’ve heard from readers: “Are Tarot Cards Evil?”.




Comments?  Questions?  Feel free to post your thoughts! 🙂

Tarot Reflections: The High Priestess

Basic Nature of the High Priestess:  Higher self, intuition, subconscious awareness, mystery, wisdom.

Rider Waite Deck: The High Priestess

The High Priestess is represented by the number 2 in the tarot deck.  In numerology, the number 2 is the first number placed on the spiritual plane, for it is the most basic energy that we can connect to the spirit through via our intuition.  Because it is represented by a 2, this card represents duality.  However, this is not duality in the idea that it exists in your outer world, but rather your inner world.  The duality gained with the High Priestess is a balance between our human selves and the Divine.  From a Jungian standpoint, the High Priestess can be represented with more female energy (though, of course, whether we are male or female we possess both male and female parts, according to Jung).  This female energy can be more described as an inner wisdom by finding ways to connect to our higher selves.  In contrast to the Magician that is able achieve pure intelligence through concentration, the High Priestess represents a need for personal reflection.  In this regard, the energy of the High Priestess speaks to all of us through dreams and meditations.  It is the High Priestess that creates a “bridge” from our conscious mind into our unconscious.

Basic meaning:  The High Priestess often arises in a tarot reading as a sign that you need to stop, reflect, and listen to your inner voice for clarity.  You may have worries, anxieties, and fears clouding you from thinking clearly so the High Priestess often comes in and says “Stop, slow down, you already know the answer — look within”.  This card can also often represent a person who is involved in a relationship or situation that is very intuitively aware of what is going on.  If this card shows up in a reading for a man, then this card may signify the need for him to develop his inner feminine awareness.

Lessons:  The High Priestess teaches us that all that we see, feel, think and experience in this world is collected in our subconscious mind.  These things that we collect then emerge to us through dreams.  By being aware of this and the messages in our dreams we can become more aware of our own evolution of consciousness and to know what lessons we need to learn to overcome challenges.

The High Priestess also tells us that it is not intelligence or imagination that we must strive for in our lives, but rather wisdom and love.  The spirit only exists from eternal wisdom and love.

It is through the High Priestess that we are told to remove ourselves from our busy lives and take the time to look within and reflect.  It is only through inner reflection that we can truly connect to the spirit and find the guidance and direction that we truly need in  life.

How does one live like the High Priestess?  To live following the underlying lessons of the High Priestess, we should implement these habits into our daily life:

1.  Take the time for daily meditation, yoga, or any other additional exercise or activity that can clear your mind.

2.  Spend time writing a journal or diary to reflect upon your experiences.  Write down the words free of thought.  Allow the words to simply flow on paper.  Write what you feel from WITHIN.

3.  Look out for and be aware of intuitive signs that you experience in your every day life either as a sense or in your outer life.  Suddenly smell pizza when there is no pizza around?  Suddenly hear a voice or message when your not around anyone?  It is likely spirit trying to speak to you.  Frustrated because your computer keeps acting up when you are trying to send an e-mail?  It’s probably a sign from the universe to stop.

4.  Keep a dream journal to receive more messages from your higher self.  Keep a notepad and pen by your bed and write anything that you can before you get out of bed in the morning.  Not only does keeping a journal give signs to what obstacles you need to overcome in order to move forward, but the more you remember your dreams the more your dreams will reveal themselves to you.

Following Your Intuition: It’s Not Always Smooth Sailing

One of my biggest struggles of my early 20s and has been the internal struggle of trusting my intuition.  Since a young age, I’ve always had strong sense of potential outcomes of situations and relationships.  While growing up this has certainly proven to be of good use because I’ve managed to avoid many troubling and bad situations that my peers would experience.  Some examples would include: never being involved in any serious car accident, never being involved in an abusive relationship, never had any serious financial issue, never quite finding myself in any bad situations in general.  One could perhaps logically argue that this could be the result of a certain degree of morals and a feeling need to “protect oneself”.  However, I can say from a personal perspective that I’ve always felt like I’ve been walking around with this strong guide pointing me to what direction is okay and what is not okay — and it’s a direction not based on any personal “value” system by any means, hence also why I have yet to ever really label myself under any religion or political party — intuitively I’ve always felt something very limiting by creating an identity or belief under either.

Now I’m not saying all of this in trying to make a point that I still don’t have any blocks and issues that I have to work through to grow, because I know that I certainly do (as everyone does, hence why we are living now) but my point is rather to make a point of the challenge that it can be in completely following your intuition and higher self.

I must say, that it does get rather tricky at times when living through this inner guide.  In one regard, I have felt very appreciative of somehow easily having this strong connection so that I can avoid any major trouble.  Yet, it can and has also caused a lot of stress and inner battles in questioning whether these little senses within me are really worth trusting.

One of my biggest struggles has been the feeling a strong intuitive sense with either a past friend or a past boyfriend upon meeting them and then the relationship later falling down hill.  Though I will admit that I felt a sense of “This won’t last a X period of time because of X obstacle that will surface with one or both of us”, it would still ultimately lead me to an inner war of “If I felt THIS STRONG of a sense with this person, then why on earth was it so heartbreaking and hurtful?”  I’ve also had this occur with major life decisions, such as work, as well where even though I truly felt this was the right direction to go it lead to some major challenges and hurtful emotions.  This would lead me to wonder: Was my intuition even right?  Looking at this result, is this really worth trusting in?

One thing that I’ve finally realized with a sense of peace is this: Yes, my intuitive guide was right but just because I am following it does not or ever will guarantee a positive outcome.  We follow our intuition in order to be lead to the challenges and obstacles that will shift us to become more of our higher selves.  In order to truly follow with complete faith, we must all remember this because otherwise we may easily become frustrated and shut ourselves off from this inner guide.  Just because we are now following our intuition doesn’t mean that everything will now magically work out better for you.  It just means that you are now on the right path for yourself at this point in time — and the amount of challenges may vary greatly upon each individual.  These differences are things that can go far beyond what our minds and comprehend, so any one “tried and true” logical method to decipher is not always going to be consistent.

In fact, it’s likely that even when we are following our intuition that we receive even greater challenges from the universe in order to test our faith and strength in our guides.  These challenges come in order to make us stronger.  As one saying goes: God will never give you anything that you can’t handle.

So now your probably wondering: Then how do I know if I’m following my intuition or not?  I’ve personally found that deciphering between the two can be made by looking within yourself and asking: Do I feel stagnant or do I feel that I’m making progress?  If you feel like you are growing and feel a good sense of “aliveness” then you are on an intuitive path.  If you feel like your on a cycle of stagnancy then you are not.  Often if you are not then it’s also likely that you’ll have health issues arise and other problems that pop up to give you a “wake up call” that you need to listen to your intuition.

Deciphering Precognitive Dreams

We’ve all had those moments where we are going about our daily lives and suddenly you think “Ah!  Deja vu!” its that exact moment when you swear that you dreamed that exact scene before that very moment.  Or perhaps you have a dream that held a symbol of something that will occur to you or a friend in the near future.  Many scientists believe it may just be a trick of the mind, though I can assure that it’s everything but that.  So how do you know the difference between any typical dream versus a dream that is actually giving you information about the future?  This is my personal experience.

For as long as I can remember I recall having a precognitive awareness of future events.  I don’t like to say this as pointing to that I am “psychic” or at all special in that way, because I believe that everybody is capable of this.  But I must say that I’ve experienced these “just knowings” from both dreams and while awake.  Of course, some of these realizations that occurred while I’m awake may have originated from a dream symbol that I just didn’t consciously pick up on, but I don’t know exactly because I wasn’t keeping a dream journal back then.

After keeping a dream journal for a fairly good while now, I feel like I’ve gotten a better grasp at deciphering what is (or could potentially be) precognitive versus what is not.  Here are some guidelines that I’ve felt are pretty accurate based on my experience.

1.  If its a sign from the future, then it won’t be in the main story line of the dream.  From my experience I can say that often times the main story line of my dream is mostly all focused on the things that I am subconsciously working through at a psychological level as well as advice and guidance as to what I should do.  I feel like this is a common misconception by the general population because I can say I’ve had friends wondering if this dream that their ex boyfriend came back or if they are dreaming of dating a guy friend is a futuristic message.  I have yet to have a dream that does.  Instead, these main story lines often are just symbols of things that we have to learn and work through in terms of personal growth.

2.  The precognitive messages and symbols often pop up on the “sideline” of the main story.  I’ve noticed for myself that if I do have a precognitive message within the main story line of the dream, it is often a side thing and not my main focus in the dream.  For instance, you’re on this mission to find the stairs so you can go up to your room to meet a friend and as you are finding the stairs you cross paths with your old friend with a baby.  If you can recall this after waking, you then realize to yourself “Wait, this person doesn’t have a baby” then you may actually be surprised a few days later to see that they are pregnant.  These little signs are hard to catch because they are so casual.  You have to be sure to start writing the very moment you wake up and don’t move from the bed in order to really pick up on these little messages.

3.  Precognitive messages often come in “flashes”.  Have you ever noticed that when you dream there are times when you don’t have any “story”?  Instead what we often may do is just have a series of random symbols, words, and hear messages that don’t flow together into any story.  I’ve noticed that if I’m going to have an actual precognitive scene then it will come through one of these “flashes” or perhaps I’ll receive some random symbol that may be symbolic or important for future reference.

The Purpose of Dreams

A wolf is chasing you through the forest.  You reach a wall with no where to go.  You turn around and the wolf, terrified, and knowing that this wolf is going to eat you.  The wolf jumps, you close your eyes and put up your arms to protect yourself.  And THEN… you wake up.

Even awake you still feel distraught and a bit restless, and you kept help but wonder What on earth was that about?  We’ve all felt this way at some point or another.  We’ve all had some really weird dream that left us puzzled and wanting to have the dream interpreted so we know what it meant.  Not only do I find the dreams themselves interesting but even our response to them the next day by being so influenced to find answers to the meaning behind it.  Because it is such a non-concrete topic, science hasn’t quite established any one “true” explanation as to why we dream, yet we can see by human reaction that what we dream must be important or else we wouldn’t have so many emotions and motivations tied to them.  So why do we dream?

I feel like this could probably be taken two routes: psychology and spirituality, yet both of these routes are interconnected whether we really wish to believe it or not.

From a psychological standpoint, many dream theories can be based off those of Carl Jung, who believed that dreams are a reflection of personal challenges that our subconscious is working through.  Jung believed that our dreams and the symbols within them are different aspects of our psyche.  The psyche includes all aspects of us, which includes the self, persona, ego (how we act and project ourselves), personal unconscious, shadow (the part of us we repress), anima/animus (male/female counterparts), and collective unconscious.  Instead of going into any complex detail with each one of these parts (which gets rather confusing and I honestly don’t even fully understand), I will keep this simple by saying that the dreams are signs of what psychological aspects we need to become aware of and work through at that point in time.  The dreams are a reflection of the anxieties, fears, and blocks we are creating for ourselves that is influencing us to repress a deeper part of ourselves.

This is very interrelated from even a spiritual standpoint, though, of course, when you consider more of the spiritual aspect of it you consider that these dream messages may not only be coming from a part within you but also from a source higher than you.  You can consider that these symbols, messages, and feelings are in fact coming from your spiritual guides and angels.  Personally, I’ve always found this to make the most sense.  After all, many historical texts and religious texts like the bible even document receiving messages through dreams.  Whoever said that people could back then but then “suddenly” can’t communicate with your guides and angels today?  Your guides, higher self, and angels are always trying to communicate in anyway that they can with you all the time for guidance, but you just have to allow their messages to emerge by becoming more aware of them.

So, to sum up this initial post on the topic of dreams: We dream in order to become more aware of the blocks that we are causing ourselves.  Dreams are filled with symbols and messages that are there to notify us that many of these emotions and limiting voices that we are hearing in our heads are truly, in fact, only in our heads!

To give you a better understanding of this, I’ll give you a recent example of mine.  For the past few days I’ve been under a debate about where to spend my summer vacation.  I had one idea in mind that I was very excited about, but I kept having anxieties and doubts about following through with this idea because I heard that it was a very expensive place to go to.  So for a few days I kept debating on the idea and putting it off in making any flight booking.

The dream that I had after a couple days was this:  It was Christmas and I was with my parents and brother.  I believe I was also a younger child again in this dream.  For some reason, we didn’t have any “official” plans for Christmas Eve yet.  We went to church and there was a posting for a concert event that was going to go on that evening.  I was excited about it and so was my brother so we told our parents that we wanted to go.  It cost $300 and my parents said no because they thought it was too expensive.  Instead we went to a movie theater though I was disappointed and still wanted to go.

Though there are still some symbols in the dream that I’m not 100% sure of the meaning (so if anyone could offer additional insight it’d be appreciated!), the general message I gathered here was that I was excited about something but I was allowing my inner voices (in this case, of my parents) to make me believe that it is not okay to spend money on trips and events that I’m really excited about.  So should I allow these inner voices to block me in doing things that I find potentially exciting and fulfilling?  Probably not.  I also feel like the “3” in the 300 symbolizes a need to stay focused of a sense of harmony and balance that are three-fold.  For me, what comes to  mind are things such as: “mind, body, spirit”, the holy trinity, “past, present, future”, and the 3 of Cups tarot card.  Of course, that can vary upon the person and what emotions and feelings they have associated with that type of symbol.

A lot of times if we just sit back and reflect on the general emotional tone of the dream, that alone can provide us with the main message that the dream is trying to convey.

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