In spite of everything…

“In spite of everything I still believe that people are really good at heart. I simply can’t build up my hopes on a foundation consisting of confusion, misery and death.” ~ Anne Frank


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  1. Anne Frank…. amazing young lady. I love that I had the opportunity to visit the annex where the family was hiding in while in Amsterdam.

  2. I wanted to go to Germany but didn’t get the chance. I want to go to the Aushwitz Concentration Camp but haven’t been yet.

  3. Conflict is caused by the illusion of a separate self, in reality we are all one. Truly seeing, or experiencing, this give rise to love and compassion, so it’s true that we are good at heart.

  4. She was a very smart l little girl, her book is one of my favorites, I got to go to Holland and Germany years ago, and it was very interesting what I felt there, especially at annex.

  5. It is amazing that someone who had seen and endured so much of the very worst that humankind had imposed upon her and her family (and indeed most of the known world) that she could still write those words.

    I believe however that the very young lady was misplacing her ‘foundations’. Her religion, much like that of the West, is supposed to teach us that God is to be our foundation and we are to Love Him with All our Heart – to build a life for ourselves solely upon Him and His Ways rather than as so many do, upon their own false sense of ‘self’ – ‘me’ or the Ego.and our family of equally fallible humans who form and lead us in our societies. Those who are capable of truly inhuman and evil acts upon their fellow beings claim ownership and dominion over their hearts rather than giving it totally to that which is perfect and pure and truly in tune with The Divine.

    Perhaps it was beyond Anne’s age of reasoning to be aware that there are two basic types of people: those who choose to follow their own inherently fallable ideals, of whom some will inevitably do evil to themsleves and others, and those who follow The Higher Ideal, surrendering their Will to something higher than themselves.

    We are free to chose which we want to be – whatever circumstances may be all about us.

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