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If we have no peace…

If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.
~ Mother Teresa


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How to Unlock the Gold Within Your Shadow

“We must challenge ourselves to accept all the faces of our humanity; otherwise the characters that got booted off stage and are now repressed will become the silent orchestrators of our secret life.” ~ The Shadow Effect

I saw this quote today as a post by Debbie Ford who is a co-author of the book “The Shadow Effect”.  It is truly a remarkable book that talks about how when we repress ourselves, the “ugliness” emerges that, according to Carl Jung, is referred to as our “shadow”.

Even after reading this book and understanding Jung’s model I’ll say that the shadow can truly appear to be a fine line between the ego.  By definition, they are completely different yet ultimately they are exactly the same.

What I mean by that is this: The ego is how we project ourselves to others.  It is the part of us that is human that allows us to speak the thoughts that come through our mind rather than spirit.  The shadow, on the other hand, is the parts of ourselves that we have repressed.  It develops a child who loved playing music but, because their parents or culture didn’t approve, it is now a repressed part of the child when they are an adult.  The irony, of course, is that what we have repressed in ourselves is that though it may be hurtful and feel shameful to confront, it is ultimately like finding a gold mine.

There are many different guidelines that one can follow in order to recognize and release the shadow within themselves.  Many of which can involve a lot of personal self-reflection at the “ugliness” of your past actions and such.  However, I’ve felt through personal reflection that this concept can be broken down and be quickly resolved in the very present moment by fully choosing to make one simple change.

So how can you completely open yourself to your shadow?  To stop any and all judgment of others and to allow yourself to loving empathy and Divine understanding.

The reason this works is because, truly, we are all connected as one humanity.  If you judge or reject a person rather than understand their struggles and pain then the only thing you are doing is hurting yourself as a result.  That judgment that you now placed upon that person is now a repress part of you.

So how can a person recognize if there is judgment or not?  My rule of thumb is this: If you feel any inner resistance at any time, then your ego-driven mind is speaking.

The second you release yourself of all resistance then you will notice several things happen:

  1. You will open yourself to a greater psychic/intuitive awareness.  You will notice more clairvoyance images appear during your day.  You will have more “A ha!” moments.  You may develop a greater “vision” of your life’s path.
  2. You will feel a greater sense of universal wisdom.  True wisdom cannot come from studying a textbook or critically analyzing.  True Divine wisdom can only come from a greater connection to the divine source.  I do truly feel like that is what made people like Albert Einstein so incredibly intelligent.
  3. You will open yourself to universal love for everything in the world.  You will love the differences, the good and the bad, the challenges, and more — because you can then see and understand the Divine purpose for these things.

Finally, I suggest that you don’t necessarily take this as a linear approach as the human ego-driven mind likes to.  Meaning, reaching these higher levels can be quite variable throughout our lives.  It’s not like a step-by-step program that is going to allow you to “be connected and enlightened” but then never have days where some inner resistance emerges again.  The process is a journey, and we have to support one another and regularly work to maintain balance.  There is no “finish line”, only new and different cycles of challenges.



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“Whatever relationships you have attracted in your life…”

“When I examine myself…”

Tarot Reflections: The Emperor

Basic Nature of the Emperor:  Authority, power, structure, logical plans.

The Rider-Waite Deck: Emperor

The Emperor is represented by the number 4 in the traditional Rider-Waite Tarot Deck.  As anyone may likely tell by the name alone, the Emperor is the male counterpart to the Empress.  For this reason, the Emperor can often represent male or yang energy or, using Jung’s terminology, the animus (the male part of the female).

As a common archetype figure, the Emperor is often seen as a ruler, king, or any type of authority figure.  It is the energy of the Emperor that influences us to foresee over groups of people in order to provide structure and rules in hopes to allow fairness and organization.  This is probably the one energy that is most easily seen in society as we can often see the energy of the Emperor come out (in both positive and negative ways) in large corporations, governments, universities, schools, court systems, financial institutions, and more.

Naturally, many of us have not always had positive experiences with these systems at some point in our lives so some may tend to read this card in a negative light.  Just as a man may see an Empress Reversed energy as being overly emotional and insecure, a woman may see an Emperor Reversed energy as domineering and inflexible.  These types of reactions, in Jung’s viewpoint, are often just the reaction to us not quite having a good relationship with our inner male or female figure (these energies represented in our dreams).

I can assure that all of the cards are truly neither good or bad, but only neutral.  There is a purpose and positive side to the Emperor’s energy because without authority and structure our societies would be chaotic.

Basic meaning:  The true full energy of the Emperor is a guiding father-figure of wisdom and guidance.  The energy of the Emperor governs by authority, not by force.  The Emperor knows that God is the only true governor of the universe and always strives to act in “God’s true image” in order to provide societal structure and stability.

Lessons:  The Emperor influences us to seek stability and structure for ourselves by setting goals, making plans, and creating boundaries for ourselves in order to manifest our dreams.  Tapping into our energy of the High Priestess for inner guidance, the Magician for creative ideas, and the Empress for using love to manifest our dreams is not enough for true manifestation.  It is important gain our inspiration and motivation through our connection with the Divine through the High Priestess, Magician, and Empress.  However, the Emperor reminds us that we must also make a schedule, plan, and create a budget in order to truly make our dreams a reality.  The Emperor is like the practical and logical way we must act to truly succeed in the world.  We must remember to work with society’s structures rather than against them, as this creates balance and stability to society — even if it may not always seem “perfect”, for there is a lot of challenge and growth that can occur by working with it rather than against it.

How does one live like the Emperor?  To live following the underlying lessons of the Emperor, we should keep these thoughts in mind:

1.  When you develop a new idea, be sure to always create a plan, budget, or schedule for yourself to make this idea a reality.

2.  Be sure to do research on the laws and regulations when needed to check that you are following them correctly.

3.  Follow the guidelines that others have set for their business, organization, or government.  Read contracts completely before you sign them.  Ask for clarification of details if you feel it is needed.  Respect the guidelines and rules that others have set, as there is often a reason for this.

4.  Stand up and be your own leader.  Lead a group in implementing your own ideas and creations.  Organize, direct, plan, and set boundaries for yourself.  It is only through plans and boundaries that you can truly achieve what you are striving for.

5.  Make your expectations, policies, and plans known to others.  It is not fair to get upset with someone if you have not truly made your own expectations known to others — that is your own responsibility.

Tarot Reflections: The Magician

Basic Nature of the Magician:  Innovative, skillful, active, intelligent.

Rider Waite Deck: The Magician

The Magician is represented by the number 1 in the tarot deck.  The number one is associated with beginnings.  It is the Magician that channels the power and knowledge of the universe and channels it into ways to improve humanity.  In contrast to other creativity-oriented cards in the deck, the Magician is more “introverted creativity” rather than extroverted.  You may think of an example of this would be to imagine people  like Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, or Steve Jobs his basement developing a new creation or theory for society.  That  being said, from a Jungian standpoint, the Magician is often seen as more male energy.

Basic meaning:  The Magician often arises with a message of “You can accomplish your goals now!”  If you see this card arise in a question pertaining to your career, it may mean that you should take part in a new creative project or to really take the “bull by the horns” to apply your skills to the best of your ability.  This card can also symbolize the start or recent inspiration for a new project or business idea.

Lessons:  The Magician reminds us that with God everything is possible.  We can co-create with the Divine to manifest whatever dream we wish.  By allowing God’s will into your life and living by faith, you will have the right variables in place to achieve success.

We should remember to use our bodies as a channel for messages and direction from the Divine.  We must be willing to pay attention to the subtle signs that are presented to us via dreams and occasional thoughts, sounds, visualizations, and feelings in waking life.  The more we are willing to listen, the more messages will be sent to us.

By listening and trusting, you will create a better sense of both stability and freedom for yourself.  Stability in your emotions and thoughts, and freedom in expression of your true soul gifts.  To do this, we must allow our higher selves to surface and our ego to dissolve.  When the ego dissolves so do the thoughts and feelings of doubt, worry, and pain.

By living through the spirit, we can transform our “work” into play.  We can now completely love and be completely engaged in everything that we do.  We can now live completely by our intuition rather than our minds.  Did you work as a young child?  Most likely not — you played instead.  Were you fully engaged in your own creativity as a child?  Of course — the days felt longer and you felt fulfilled because you were completely engaged in every moment and activity in the present.  This is the true way of living… and this is the ultimate message in the Magician.

Because the Magician in inward creativity, there is also a sense of solitude here.  Some of us may fear the solitude that comes with this by believing that we cannot create unless we find support, guidance, and security in people and institutions around us (by earning a certification, going to school, working at a large corporation, etc.), but this is not the case.  The Magician challenges us to look within for ourselves for this guidance and to know that the support that these things provide is truly only an illusion.  The only true answer and guide you need is already within you, which you can find when you look within and connect with your inner guide.

How does one live like the Magician?  To live following the underlying lessons of the Magician, we should keep these thoughts in mind:

1.  Know that through God, you can make what appears impossible a reality.  At this very moment, you can create whatever you want.  You can transform all of your current work into play.

2.  Listen within for your guidance.  You must silence the mind in order to receive.  Do not look to any source outside of yourself, for it will not give you the genuine answer you seek.

3.  When you receive your sign or guidance for creation, concentrate on your task.  Set your objectives and goals and be strong and diligent by having faith in your guidance.

4.  You are capable of being a good communicator both orally and written.  Allow yourself to channel your energy from within to emerge in all your communication.

5.  You’ve been given very strong skills and abilities that can cause shifts for humanity.  Know that.  Feel that.  Allow those soul gifts to emerge and become a reality.

The Limitation of Thought

I recently came across a post with a thought pointing that “Emotional negativity is the cause of a lack of intelligence”.  I kind of laughed to myself a bit, in reflecting on how this frame of thinking is so common among particularly young guys that I have dealt with or even older guys (though that, of course, depends on the individual).  I can’t blame them for it because I can empathize with their perception, but at the same time it seems to ring within me this reminder of trends that males can have toward the female gender.

Are emotions the problem?  Or the better question is: Is intelligence the answer?  Yes and no to both — for a number of reasons.

First, emotions should never be looked to as a problem of any sorts.  The second we look to emotions as a problem then that causes greater inner resistance (no matter who you are or what your view or opinion is because you are, therefore, making a judgement).  This then causes us to want to PUSH away those emotions and feelings rather than accept them for what they are in that moment and releasing them.

Can intelligence help to reduce the effect of negative emotions?  Sure, because being more aware of your thought pattern can certainly reduce the chances of having some negative emotional outburst.  If you stop the limiting or negative thought from occurring first, then chances are you might not have any bad emotions.

But yet — it STILL becomes more complicated than that, especially in the case of women because so many of us are highly empathetic.  All of the empaths out there can easily walk into any room and pick up on all the good and bad energies of those in that area.  I can certainly relate to this more than I’d probably like to admit some days.  By living in a country where the people have a high stress level, are CONSTANTLY rushing, and often subconsciously have negative views and beliefs of foreigners, it can be quite emotionally draining some days and it’s not even so much my own thinking that initially triggers it (I may get discuss that farther in another post).

Now, jumping back for a moment, is mere intelligence the answer?  Not really because that only does so much.  You may understand how to run and drive the car but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll never get into an accident.  There is another level that has to be reached.  Also, I often feel that a high focus on mere intelligence often reduces the amount of compassion and understanding that a person has for others — and so it entraps the knowledgeable one equally as much.  The second one has that simple thought of “I know more than you” it now places that person at the same level as the one with the negative emotions.

In the general population, what we so often fail to realize is that it is the thoughts in themselves that are causing this seemingly never ending cycle effect.  It maintains this limiting frame of mind of “them versus me” — but it’s completely an illusion.  It’s all rooted in our ego and shadow selves.

So what’s the first step to breaking the cycle?  As Eckhart Tolle stressed in his books and what is the base in various meditations is the clearing of the mind.  To realize what thoughts and beliefs that you have developed through your culture and experiences.  To realize that by focusing all your thoughts on the past and the future is weakening you.  This is the initial cycle to break — at least for mostly men anyway, as I can’t help but continue to feel that women need something else to counteract this cycle.

The Rippling Defect of Money

Case #1: You go to the doctor for an issue, but over time you find yourself going months later and with little improvement for your issues.

Case #2: You go to a therapist and over time rather than feel a more balanced and grounded in yourself you remain in the same self-defeating cycle.

Or maybe… you are Case #3: You feel that you and found and gained the treatment that you need but with the professional you are working with you can sense that they are trying to keep you coming.  Why would they do this?  Money.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m certainly not suggesting that all of those in the health or human services field are purposely failing to put forth the effort to truly help others.  In fact, I don’t necessarily feel that most are really fully consciously aware of what they are doing since it is so deeply rooted in our being as humans.  After all, how can we catch it and really notice it in ourselves when large business and the government continue to place more and more requirements on us that we apparently “need” to pay for?  College education, certifications, mortgage, car payments, good credit reports, insurance of all sorts — do we really need all of those?  It’s often placed on us being told that it is for “security” purposes — for either ourselves personally or for society.  But what is true security?  The irony is that because it is driven by the a desire for greater financial security it creates this continuous cycle and we keep ourselves on a stagnant plane with the rest of society that does the same exact thing.

I came to this realization the other day when, after going through a spout of anxiety and worry over the decision of a potential investment, I saw how I was truly just blocking myself from my own happiness.  I was blocking myself from having the opportunity to create from what I love by allowing all of these businesses and others that tell me what I “need” and “should do” to block off what my heart and intuition was truly saying.  And, of course, my tarot cards were a clear guide to this realization!

It’s truly such a self-defeating cycle to go into something with the idea of “I want to make money”,  “I’m worried about losing money” or “I need to keep this client around so I continue to make more money”.  The only way to truly help ourselves and to help one another is by saying “I want to do this to truly follow my heart and to help others grow for the better.  When they no longer need my help, I can know that I have truly done the job that was I meant to do.  I am not concerned about debt or how I will be able to afford living expenses because I know that God will take care of me”.

So the question you can ask yourself is: Am I blocking myself with a need for financial security?  Am I worried, anxious and fearful over finances?  If you are, then your missing God’s message.

It’s quite a significant jump going into such blind faith, but it’s also likely one of the most life altering paths to take in order to spiritually grow.

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