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What To Do When You Forsee a Future Event

Have you ever just had a sudden bad feeling about a friend as if knowing something bad was going to happen to them?  Only to later see that your vibe was exactly correct?

Have you ever randomly thought of a family member only to later realize something they are struggling through?

Have you ever had a dream of a friend or family member only to realize later that your dream was exactly right about what that person is dealing with in their life right now?

Whether we fully realize it or not, we’ve all had these experiences as some point or another.  Some of them may be in a little “flash” of a pre-cognitive dream while others we’ve been able to visualize this unfolding in our mind’s eye while awake.

For myself I must say that knowing how to deal with foreseeing these events have been a bit of an inner struggle.  Why on earth would I want to know that my friend’s book will not be successful? Or that my friend’s baby is going to die after delivery?  And it’s not only the mere act of knowing this information, but being aware of this information but feeling that there is nothing you can do to prevent it from happening.  In fact, even in these situations (unless it may be a positive future event) its not even something that you can or want to tell the person because:

1.  They’d likely struggle to believe you

2. They probably don’t want to hear it if you tell them without their own willingness to listen by asking for guidance.

3.  Many times, it’s not really your proper place to even try to intervene because it’s their lesson to learn on their journey and not yours.

So, what can you do?  Actually the better question is this: Why were you given this information?

The truth is that we should never repress and ignore this information — it IS valid because if it wasn’t important for you to know then your spirit guides and angels wouldn’t have provided you with this information.  They wouldn’t have given you the gift of this higher-level awareness.  Clearly it is still important.

So what do you do?  Simple: Pray. Send prayers out to those that will be effected or are effected.  Pray for healing and provide this person with support to the best of your ability.  Help them through this loss and provide them with emotional support to get through this struggle.

Please note: In some cases the message is sent to you because you are supposed to intervene or warn someone about the situation.  However, if you are actually supposed to do this you will be provided with greater guidance as to how you should go about doing that.  If you don’t know how to go about doing that, then keep your lips sealed.

I’ll also note that there are some higher levels of awareness of information that can be sent to you at one point in time, but the steps on how to go about helping others with the idea may take time to unfold.  Be patient.  As you have more life experiences on your journey your guides will provide more pieces to the puzzle.  Know and trust that you’ll be given the information on how to create most effectively when the timing is truly right.

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Tarot Card of the Month: September 2012


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Angel Therapy Guidance: Sacral Chakra

I felt the need to share another one of my latest Doreen Virtue Angel Therapy Card Deck today to provide some guidance for my readers.  The card I had fall out of the deck was the Sacral Chakra:


It appears that the angels are providing us with a little warning that we may currently be more sensitive to our environments.  This can include energies, processed foods, and chemicals.  We must be sure to be aware of what negative energies we may be picking up from those around us.  We also need to watch our foods at this time.  Eating many processed foods and being exposed to chemicals may rid us of energy more easily.  We must watch our cravings and allow ourselves to be cleared of these energies and chemicals.

To receive angelic healing to release yourself of cravings so you can have inner balance, you should sit in a quiet location and say either silently or aloud: “Archangels Raphael and Michael, please come to me.  I ask that you detoxify my mind, body, and spirit now”. 

Simply breath deeply for a few moments paying close attention to any bodily sensations that occur.  You may feel some sort of tingling and other subtle sensations — simply be quiet and receptive and see what comes to you.

Once your body feels calm be sure to thank the Archangels for their assistance.


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Angel Therapy Oracle Cards: Card for the Day!

Today I am VERY excited to say that I finally received my Doreen Virtue Angel Therapy deck!  The cards are absolutely gorgeous!


Here’s a short one-card reading for the day: Singing and Dancing.  Take some time today to listen to music and to really feel the energy and beauty behind it.  Sing.  Dance.  Connect to it.  Flow with it.  Unleash the magical power behind it.  Allowing yourself to express yourself musically today may help you to tap in to your divine inner expression and awaken your intuition!



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A Secret Cure to Co-dependency: Cord Cutting

These past few weeks via dream messages and symbols I’ve felt the pull to explore Angels and Angel healing.  For any of those who are familiar with anything metaphysical may know, Doreen Virtue’s materials are virtually the epitome of learning all things about connecting to and working with Angels for healing purposes.  So I’ve purchased one of her books and have ordered one of her oracle decks.

The other day I studied and read her information about “cord cutting”.  Cord cutting is basically a way that we can “cut cords” with people in our lives who we have (or had) toxic relationships with.  Basically, any person who has the desire to rely on someone else for their happiness is, to some degree, a co-dependent trait.  There are many books currently available on how to free yourself of co-dependency and many of these books and articles I have read at some point.  However, the trouble I have noticed with the majority of materials available are these two things:

  1. Despite “setting boundaries” people still tend to naturally act out of their ego by holding on to anger in their actions.  They struggle to really forgive the person — and even after they have cried and have followed the instructions they’ve been told to “forgive” they still experience negative energy.
  2. The person is still unable to provide happiness for themselves.  Even though they have set boundaries, they are still filled with negative energy and have trouble finding inner balance in order to achieve happiness and feel genuine love in their hearts.

Why is this?  The answer goes beyond what our conscious minds can be aware of because it is an unconscious occurrence.  What happens is this: Even though we have made actions to remove ourselves from this person and attempt to make inner changes, we still feel negative energy because we are still unconsciously connected to this person.  This “connection” can be referred to as the “cord” and hence why this is called “cord cutting”.  Because this involves energy work beyond our mind’s control, we have to look to spirit for assistance.

We can cut our cords by calling upon our angels and Archangel Michael.  The process can be done fairly quickly and it can be done in a short meditation and by paying attention close attention to the feelings and sensations around you.  Doreen Virtue also points out that after a cord cutting, you may also receive messages from those you have “cut your cord” from because they will think of you, but not be consciously sure why.

I actually tried out this “cord cutting” ritual/meditation for myself the other night.  I felt very much so at peace afterward and I actually slept better that night than I had in a long time.  In fact, my dreams were very balanced and, in my dream, I felt that I had almost an “angelic mother” near me to help guide.

Coincidentally, just as Doreen forewarned, I did receive a couple messages the next morning from people and they really didn’t have any reason to send a message.

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