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Angel Therapy Guidance: Sacral Chakra

I felt the need to share another one of my latest Doreen Virtue Angel Therapy Card Deck today to provide some guidance for my readers.  The card I had fall out of the deck was the Sacral Chakra:


It appears that the angels are providing us with a little warning that we may currently be more sensitive to our environments.  This can include energies, processed foods, and chemicals.  We must be sure to be aware of what negative energies we may be picking up from those around us.  We also need to watch our foods at this time.  Eating many processed foods and being exposed to chemicals may rid us of energy more easily.  We must watch our cravings and allow ourselves to be cleared of these energies and chemicals.

To receive angelic healing to release yourself of cravings so you can have inner balance, you should sit in a quiet location and say either silently or aloud: “Archangels Raphael and Michael, please come to me.  I ask that you detoxify my mind, body, and spirit now”. 

Simply breath deeply for a few moments paying close attention to any bodily sensations that occur.  You may feel some sort of tingling and other subtle sensations — simply be quiet and receptive and see what comes to you.

Once your body feels calm be sure to thank the Archangels for their assistance.


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In spite of everything…

“In spite of everything I still believe that people are really good at heart. I simply can’t build up my hopes on a foundation consisting of confusion, misery and death.” ~ Anne Frank



Photo of the A-bomb dome in Peace Park of Hiroshima, Japan.

Free Offer: “The Secret to Finding True Happiness Today” E-Book

I would like to invite all of my readers to check out my new and first short e-book that I have released entitled “The Secret to Finding True Happiness Today”.  The e-book is completely FREE when you sign up to be an e-mail subscriber.  As a subscriber you will also receive little bonus materials, updates, inspirational messages, recommendations, and much more!

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The Secret to Finding True Happiness Today



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The Ego’s Block Towards Happiness

“When true happiness shows up, the ego is bored with it: It’s too plain, too ordinary, and it doesn’t leave us feeling special or above the fray. It doesn’t take away our problems, which is the ego’s idea of happiness. The ego wants no more difficulties: no more sickness, no more need for money, no more work, no more bad feelings, only unending pleasure and bliss. Such perfection is the ego’s idea of a successful life. However, the happiness the ego dreams of will never be attained by anyone. The ego denies the reality of this dimension, where challenges are necessary to evolution and blissful states and pleasure come and go.” -Gina Lake

3 Tips to Release Pain From Your Life

Have you ever had someone get mad at you for something but you had no idea what the purpose was?

If you are a human, this would likely be a feeling that is a default experience to living.  Because of our ego-driven human nature, people are always bound to feel anger, frustration, guilt, depression, etc. at some point.  Of course depending on our own unique personalities and strengths and weaknesses for this life, the way we experience it can vary.  For instance, in my case I can count on one hand the amount of times I’ve really felt “anger” towards a person.  Frustration? Sure.  Guilt?  Definitely. But anger?  It’s a bit of a foreign concept to me.

However, regardless of whether we experience anger, guilt, frustration, stress, etc. they are all negative secondary emotions and they all lead back to the same primary emotion: Pain.

Now, the way that we experience pain is quite interesting, as this is something that occurred to me over an experience this weekend.   The reality is this:  Pain is a recycled energy.  When we experience pain, the initial pain that we have felt was often given to us by someone.  Perhaps it was the pain of a parent or teacher from childhood.  Perhaps there is pain rooted from an argument with an old friend.  Regardless of the source, once we have that pain channeled to us we must let it go at that exact point in time.  If we do not, then we continue to carry this pain with us and continue the cycle by channeling this negative energy onto others — which can certainly keep us in a stagnant cycle of holding negative energies in our lives.

So how can a person break free of these negative energies?

1.  Always cry — and I mean ALWAYS.  This is something that so many of us have learned not to do because it is so often not considered “appropriate” in society.  The reason is because often times people are still in an ego-driven mentality of “Oh your crying and that’s weak so I’m better than you” even though they are clearly angry and are holding on to pain at their core as well.  The truth is that crying is a reflection of that core pain.  When we  allow ourselves to cry immediately we can feel ourselves from repressing and holding on to that pain.  Instead of telling yourself “crying is inappropriate” or  “crying is only for babies” allow yourself to fully feel that pain in that moment.  You’ll ultimately feel better and you’ll notice that it actually feels more natural.  Of course, if you are concerned about the place that you are in, then I recommend finding a quiet place where you can be alone for a while to cry and let it out.

2.  Pray for guidance and help.  This is another thing that is interesting about human nature.  We recycle this pain and then express it onto others by choosing not to believe in things that we cannot see with our eyes or be proven through science.  Yet, in the most painful moments most everyone will find themselves in prayer.  Why?  Because it is only natural for us to know that the only path we can follow that can free ourselves from the pain in the world is through the spirit.  Its an unconscious knowing, though our conscious minds don’t always want to believe it.

3.  Forgive.  Though we may choose to cry and pray when experiencing pain, if we do not forgive ourselves and others then we still have not freed ourselves.  What we have to mentally understand and tell ourselves in these moments of pain is to keep these  two thoughts in mind:

  • The person who hurt me did not know any better.  They were likely blocked by their own beliefs, repressed hurts, and ego-drives.  Also, the more you are able to logically understand what is going on within that person via empathy and knowledge, the easier it is to let go of any hurt, because by understanding you are not, in turn, reacting out of your ego.
  • I did not know any better at that point in time.   We are always evolving and learning.  If we were not and did everything perfectly, then we wouldn’t be living right now.  The only way that a person could possibly diffuse all or any pain expressed to them from someone else would be if that person is enlightened…. which, very few actually attain and sustain.  Therefore, there is no reason to allow yourself to hold on to any guilt.  You can simply tell yourself “Well now I see the importance of my spiritual growth — I can learn to diffuse it all together so I can truly help that person.”


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