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Tarot Card of the Month: September 2012


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“When I examine myself…”

Angel Therapy Oracle Cards: Card for the Day!

Today I am VERY excited to say that I finally received my Doreen Virtue Angel Therapy deck!  The cards are absolutely gorgeous!


Here’s a short one-card reading for the day: Singing and Dancing.  Take some time today to listen to music and to really feel the energy and beauty behind it.  Sing.  Dance.  Connect to it.  Flow with it.  Unleash the magical power behind it.  Allowing yourself to express yourself musically today may help you to tap in to your divine inner expression and awaken your intuition!



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A Poem of the Empress

This is a poem that I wrote a while back that seems to correlate well to the energy of the Empress.

I hold my abdomen —
Enlarged beyond normality.
Alone — and in fear
Of potential torment.

Stumbling down a gravel road
Unable to find my way
With nothing to hold on to
But the strength within my heart.

In a solitary room
A new creation joins the world.
I hold this promising new life
In love and vitality.

Rider-Waite Deck: The Empress

Tarot Reflections: The Empress

Basic Nature of the Empress:  Nurturing, loving, fertility, growth, beauty, passionate, manifestation.

Rider-Waite Deck: The Empress

The Empress is the ultimate archetype of motherhood and femininity.  She is ruled by the planet Venus and can be thought of as the Mother Earth or Goddess of Fertility.  Like the High Priestess, the Empress can also be represented by our inner female or the anima (the female part within men).  Though both of these cards can be represented by female energy, there is a distinct difference between the two.  While the High Priestess is known to be the “link” into our unconscious realm, the Empress is about manifestation and fertility.  From a more literal perspective, the Empress can symbolize in a tarot reading a sign of pregnancy.  However, this is certainly not where the true Empress energy ends — in fact, there is SO much more to that than many people realize!  True Empress energy in it’s full essence is the about taking all those inspirations that you have received through your unconscious (High Priestess) and fully expressing that out to the world creatively and with an enormous amount of love and passion to benefit humanity behind it!

Have you ever had a pregnancy dream when you are not pregnant?  This is a sign of the true Empress energy coming forth and what can come from these dreams is a motivation to fully create from love.  (On a personal note, the morning after a pregnancy dream was the day I came up with the idea to create this site).  It is for reasons like this that I can see why spiritual teachers such as Eckhart Tolle have commented that women are closer to enlightenment than men — because the true energy of the Empress has no desire to compete with others in their creative pursuits, but to rather create a harmonic community to benefit everyone.  So women have a bit of the advantage with this.  However, I do feel that once women can express more of this Empress-type of energy then the men will soon follow.

The Empress is also more extraverted creativity.  In contrast to the Magician, which is more introverted creativity.  Both are able to co-create with the Divine, but the Magician is more like Albert Einstein doing math equations in his basement while the Empress is more like Audrey Hepburn representing UNICEF on behalf of starving children.  Both are very different, yet still creative in their approach.

Basic meaning:  The Empress can represent a person who is driven to express themselves through genuine love and passion for everything they do and experience.  It can also represent empathy, compassion, and understanding for others.  It may also signify that the seeds you have planted in your new business venture or project are going to grow and become exactly what you have envisioned.  The Empress is pure emotion with a deep intuitive connection to spirit at it’s best.

Lessons:  The Empress teaches us to love and have passion for everything in life.  It is through the energy represented by the Empress that we can free ourselves of limiting beliefs and judgments and allow true love to fully flow.  Unfortunately, we live in a world were a considerable amount of this energy is blocked (represented as a reversal in a reading) and the result are anxieties, pain, co-dependency, depression, lack of confidence, etc.  Often the cause for this, either directly or indirectly, is the negative energy that we absorb from the world filled with judgments, wars, fighting, and overall lack of harmony and genuine support — all of which are ego-based drives.   If we take the time to look at the world with an eye that every experience is a new challenge for our own personal growth and development, rather than with hurt and disappointment, we can allow ourselves to truly be guided in our lives by our own inner love to achieve full happiness.

How does one live like the Empress?  To live following the underlying lessons of the Empress, we should implement these habits into our daily life:

1.  Spend time giving gratitude and appreciation to everyone and everything in life — and not only the good, and the bad as well.  It can become difficult when we continuously see all of the bad things wrong with the world in the news or through peers.  However, when we appreciate and choose to love the bad for existing, that we can then release such painful emotions and allow love to flow in.

2.  Choose to understand and have empathy for each and every human being.  We are all on our own unique paths and our own stage in growth with our own battles.  If we all lived life the same then life would be too easy and we would have nothing to learn.  So whenever you feel guilt or pain arise tell yourself “This is a part of my journey and growth.  This is of benefit to my evolution in this lifetime, so I forgive myself and whoever else was involved.”

3.  Give and help others openly and freely.  It is taking the time for the little things that can trigger those compassionate energies to flow again.

4.  Create not with a desire to gain “stability” or “success” but rather from a source of complete love and passion for how you can benefit others.  It is then and only then that you can truly provide yourself true stability and success in life.

With a final note, I will comment that in implementing these four suggestions cannot be and should not be acted upon solely based on the mental awareness.  Merely grasping the idea with the mind is ego-influenced.  For true healing, you have to feel a connection to it within your own heart.  You can tell yourself, but then allow yourself to really feel it.

(Personal note from Jennifer: I thank all of you for reading this post and gain benefit and inspiration through this.  Writing on this particular topic has been like therapy to me for my own healing.  I truly hope that others can at least achieve a step in their own healing by reading.  Many blessings!)

5 Steps to Awaken Your Inner Child

Remember life as a very young child?  Free of inner worries, concerns, and stress.  We looked to the world with an eye of adventure and discovery.  Every animal or new aspect of the world that we saw made us ask, “What is that?”  I don’t know about any of you, but I remember life between those wonderful ages of about 3 to 5 asking my parents the name to every animal, having an imaginary friend, sitting in the window patiently just to watch the birds, and watching my favorite Disney movies and creating my own stories.

We were content.  We were happy.  We were fulfilled with the simple things.  What happened?  Clearly the external pressures of the world caused many of us to gradually break farther away from this state of wonder — often that came in the form of a parent, a teacher, etc. that told us what was “right” or “wrong”.  This, naturally, led to greater shame, self-doubts, and beliefs that we were told we should have that cause us to repress this part of ourselves.

The tragedy tragedy is not only that these things have taken away our blissful contentment and eye for discovery in everything in the world, but that with that it has also caused us to repress our inner creativity as well.  It is through our creativity that we can create endless ideas and possibilities that can create not only create happiness and fulfillment within ourselves but with those around us.

So how can you find that inner child-like spirit within you once again?  Here are 5 steps you can try:

1.  Spend time really taking in the amazement of nature.  Whether you live in a rural area or live in a more populated area, its beneficial for us to separate ourselves from the busy-ness and stress of cities and more populated areas.  It is only through nature that we can find that sense of “peace” and inner contentment that can quite the mind.  Stop and smell the roses (literally!).  Go for a walk in a park.  If you see an animal, allow yourself to look at this animal with that child-like “Aw” and amazement (as it was the first time that you had seen one) that such a unique creature exists in this world.  Nature allows us to connect to the source that we are all naturally created from rather than what is made by man alone.  Nature is filled with endless beauty — allow yourself to see it, smell it, and to fully take it in the beauty of it as much as you can in any way that you wish.

2.  Look at the clouds and imagine what they are.  On a sunny yet cloudy day, a great activity, that I know so many of us have done at one point or another as a kid, is to look at the clouds and imagine what it is you see in the clouds.  I’ll even give you an example to start with this picture on the right.  What do you see here?  When I first looked at it I saw a dog.

3.  Bring out the crayons.  This may sound a little ridiculous and you may actually feel a bit immature doing this, but the tricks to awakening the inner child again is to do child-like activities.  Coloring and drawing pictures are what children thrive to do because their little minds thrive to create and use their creativity.  By bringing out the crayons (or any other art form or activity that you my prefer) you can then trigger those creative juices to start flowing within yourself again!

4.  Watch a movie and re-create it with your own story.  This is actually one of my favorite activities as a kid.  As I got a little older I would actually write them down sometimes but at a young age they were mostly, of course, directed by stuffed animals and dolls.  Though I’m not necessarily suggesting that everyone find some stuffed animals or dolls to play with, but rather the next time you watch a movie take those characters and make it your own.  What would you have done different?  What plot and story would have you liked to create with these characters?  Write it down — and it doesn’t have to be a full book by any means but even just a basic outline to get your creative juices flowing. *Please note, this is also not a critique of the movie of itself (as adults do) because that involves judgement.  Little kids are not judgmental in their initial nature.  Why?  Because their egos are not that heavily developed yet and the ego is run by the mind.  By making judgments your only going to create inner resistance for yourself because it puts the mind (or ego) on over-drive.  Instead, simply accept the movie as it is and proceed to create what you would’ve liked to see.

5.  Listen to songs and watch movies or TV shows of your childhood.  What else may very well trigger your inner child then by having some reminiscing over some of your own childhood favorite songs and movies?  Bring out your favorite Disney movie, cartoon, and sing your favorite kids song.  Enjoy it fully and free of any fear of being “too old for this”.  The truth is that we’re never quite too old for it and allowing that part of us to flourish will help our inner child-like spirit to awaken again.

I will also add that if you have little children yourself, have them in your family, or work with them then I encourage you to embrace them and allow them to teach you.  You can learn so much from them because they can remind you how we are truly meant to live… before we allowed ourselves to become consumed with demands and beliefs of the world.

Finally, I encourage you to not only consider the steps and ideas that I have gave but to do some inner self-reflection to see what could work for you.  What activities did you enjoy as a child?  What did you absolutely love?  Each and every one of us have very unique souls so what works for one person does not guarantee that it will work for another.  Only you can find the true answer and path for yourself.  Others, such as myself, are only here to provide ideas and suggestions to get you started.

Tarot Reflections: The Magician

Basic Nature of the Magician:  Innovative, skillful, active, intelligent.

Rider Waite Deck: The Magician

The Magician is represented by the number 1 in the tarot deck.  The number one is associated with beginnings.  It is the Magician that channels the power and knowledge of the universe and channels it into ways to improve humanity.  In contrast to other creativity-oriented cards in the deck, the Magician is more “introverted creativity” rather than extroverted.  You may think of an example of this would be to imagine people  like Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, or Steve Jobs his basement developing a new creation or theory for society.  That  being said, from a Jungian standpoint, the Magician is often seen as more male energy.

Basic meaning:  The Magician often arises with a message of “You can accomplish your goals now!”  If you see this card arise in a question pertaining to your career, it may mean that you should take part in a new creative project or to really take the “bull by the horns” to apply your skills to the best of your ability.  This card can also symbolize the start or recent inspiration for a new project or business idea.

Lessons:  The Magician reminds us that with God everything is possible.  We can co-create with the Divine to manifest whatever dream we wish.  By allowing God’s will into your life and living by faith, you will have the right variables in place to achieve success.

We should remember to use our bodies as a channel for messages and direction from the Divine.  We must be willing to pay attention to the subtle signs that are presented to us via dreams and occasional thoughts, sounds, visualizations, and feelings in waking life.  The more we are willing to listen, the more messages will be sent to us.

By listening and trusting, you will create a better sense of both stability and freedom for yourself.  Stability in your emotions and thoughts, and freedom in expression of your true soul gifts.  To do this, we must allow our higher selves to surface and our ego to dissolve.  When the ego dissolves so do the thoughts and feelings of doubt, worry, and pain.

By living through the spirit, we can transform our “work” into play.  We can now completely love and be completely engaged in everything that we do.  We can now live completely by our intuition rather than our minds.  Did you work as a young child?  Most likely not — you played instead.  Were you fully engaged in your own creativity as a child?  Of course — the days felt longer and you felt fulfilled because you were completely engaged in every moment and activity in the present.  This is the true way of living… and this is the ultimate message in the Magician.

Because the Magician in inward creativity, there is also a sense of solitude here.  Some of us may fear the solitude that comes with this by believing that we cannot create unless we find support, guidance, and security in people and institutions around us (by earning a certification, going to school, working at a large corporation, etc.), but this is not the case.  The Magician challenges us to look within for ourselves for this guidance and to know that the support that these things provide is truly only an illusion.  The only true answer and guide you need is already within you, which you can find when you look within and connect with your inner guide.

How does one live like the Magician?  To live following the underlying lessons of the Magician, we should keep these thoughts in mind:

1.  Know that through God, you can make what appears impossible a reality.  At this very moment, you can create whatever you want.  You can transform all of your current work into play.

2.  Listen within for your guidance.  You must silence the mind in order to receive.  Do not look to any source outside of yourself, for it will not give you the genuine answer you seek.

3.  When you receive your sign or guidance for creation, concentrate on your task.  Set your objectives and goals and be strong and diligent by having faith in your guidance.

4.  You are capable of being a good communicator both orally and written.  Allow yourself to channel your energy from within to emerge in all your communication.

5.  You’ve been given very strong skills and abilities that can cause shifts for humanity.  Know that.  Feel that.  Allow those soul gifts to emerge and become a reality.

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