Deciphering Precognitive Dreams

We’ve all had those moments where we are going about our daily lives and suddenly you think “Ah!  Deja vu!” its that exact moment when you swear that you dreamed that exact scene before that very moment.  Or perhaps you have a dream that held a symbol of something that will occur to you or a friend in the near future.  Many scientists believe it may just be a trick of the mind, though I can assure that it’s everything but that.  So how do you know the difference between any typical dream versus a dream that is actually giving you information about the future?  This is my personal experience.

For as long as I can remember I recall having a precognitive awareness of future events.  I don’t like to say this as pointing to that I am “psychic” or at all special in that way, because I believe that everybody is capable of this.  But I must say that I’ve experienced these “just knowings” from both dreams and while awake.  Of course, some of these realizations that occurred while I’m awake may have originated from a dream symbol that I just didn’t consciously pick up on, but I don’t know exactly because I wasn’t keeping a dream journal back then.

After keeping a dream journal for a fairly good while now, I feel like I’ve gotten a better grasp at deciphering what is (or could potentially be) precognitive versus what is not.  Here are some guidelines that I’ve felt are pretty accurate based on my experience.

1.  If its a sign from the future, then it won’t be in the main story line of the dream.  From my experience I can say that often times the main story line of my dream is mostly all focused on the things that I am subconsciously working through at a psychological level as well as advice and guidance as to what I should do.  I feel like this is a common misconception by the general population because I can say I’ve had friends wondering if this dream that their ex boyfriend came back or if they are dreaming of dating a guy friend is a futuristic message.  I have yet to have a dream that does.  Instead, these main story lines often are just symbols of things that we have to learn and work through in terms of personal growth.

2.  The precognitive messages and symbols often pop up on the “sideline” of the main story.  I’ve noticed for myself that if I do have a precognitive message within the main story line of the dream, it is often a side thing and not my main focus in the dream.  For instance, you’re on this mission to find the stairs so you can go up to your room to meet a friend and as you are finding the stairs you cross paths with your old friend with a baby.  If you can recall this after waking, you then realize to yourself “Wait, this person doesn’t have a baby” then you may actually be surprised a few days later to see that they are pregnant.  These little signs are hard to catch because they are so casual.  You have to be sure to start writing the very moment you wake up and don’t move from the bed in order to really pick up on these little messages.

3.  Precognitive messages often come in “flashes”.  Have you ever noticed that when you dream there are times when you don’t have any “story”?  Instead what we often may do is just have a series of random symbols, words, and hear messages that don’t flow together into any story.  I’ve noticed that if I’m going to have an actual precognitive scene then it will come through one of these “flashes” or perhaps I’ll receive some random symbol that may be symbolic or important for future reference.


About Jennifer Twardowski

Jennifer is a graduate student in transpersonal counseling psychology. Her interests are in personality typology (MBTI, Enneagram, Jungian typology), expressive arts, dreams, yoga, tarot and oracle cards, world religions, dance, photography, gardening, floral design, and more!

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