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What To Do When You Forsee a Future Event

Have you ever just had a sudden bad feeling about a friend as if knowing something bad was going to happen to them?  Only to later see that your vibe was exactly correct?

Have you ever randomly thought of a family member only to later realize something they are struggling through?

Have you ever had a dream of a friend or family member only to realize later that your dream was exactly right about what that person is dealing with in their life right now?

Whether we fully realize it or not, we’ve all had these experiences as some point or another.  Some of them may be in a little “flash” of a pre-cognitive dream while others we’ve been able to visualize this unfolding in our mind’s eye while awake.

For myself I must say that knowing how to deal with foreseeing these events have been a bit of an inner struggle.  Why on earth would I want to know that my friend’s book will not be successful? Or that my friend’s baby is going to die after delivery?  And it’s not only the mere act of knowing this information, but being aware of this information but feeling that there is nothing you can do to prevent it from happening.  In fact, even in these situations (unless it may be a positive future event) its not even something that you can or want to tell the person because:

1.  They’d likely struggle to believe you

2. They probably don’t want to hear it if you tell them without their own willingness to listen by asking for guidance.

3.  Many times, it’s not really your proper place to even try to intervene because it’s their lesson to learn on their journey and not yours.

So, what can you do?  Actually the better question is this: Why were you given this information?

The truth is that we should never repress and ignore this information — it IS valid because if it wasn’t important for you to know then your spirit guides and angels wouldn’t have provided you with this information.  They wouldn’t have given you the gift of this higher-level awareness.  Clearly it is still important.

So what do you do?  Simple: Pray. Send prayers out to those that will be effected or are effected.  Pray for healing and provide this person with support to the best of your ability.  Help them through this loss and provide them with emotional support to get through this struggle.

Please note: In some cases the message is sent to you because you are supposed to intervene or warn someone about the situation.  However, if you are actually supposed to do this you will be provided with greater guidance as to how you should go about doing that.  If you don’t know how to go about doing that, then keep your lips sealed.

I’ll also note that there are some higher levels of awareness of information that can be sent to you at one point in time, but the steps on how to go about helping others with the idea may take time to unfold.  Be patient.  As you have more life experiences on your journey your guides will provide more pieces to the puzzle.  Know and trust that you’ll be given the information on how to create most effectively when the timing is truly right.

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4 Scary Dream Symbols for Transformation

We have all experienced a nightmare at some point in our lives.  Some are only mildly disturbing while others cause us to wake up in the middle of the night in fear of falling asleep again.  It is most commonly the dreams that are dark and dreary where we are being chased by someone or there is a gun or knife involved that can scare us the most.

Though these dreams can be very unpleasant and leave us feeling very weary, they are actually a blessing in disguise.  It are these terrifying dreams that are calling us to make changes in our lives and can signify a transformation from our current way of living.

Here are some common dream symbols that can strongly signify a need for change in our lives:

1.  Knife.  If you are holding a knife, this can signify feeling a need to defend yourself out of anger or aggression.  It may very well mean that you need to, quite literally, “cut ties” with some people in your life and make ties with those who will influence your growth.  It can symbolize a need to end your current relationships (personal or work related) and start a new.  If someone else is holding a knife towards you then this can signify a fear of the other person.  You may be feeling intimidated and you are allowing yourself to feel inferior.  This can call for a need to set your boundaries, gain confidence, and stand up for yourself more.

2.  Gun.  If you or another person is holding a gun, or perhaps even a gun is shot, this can symbolize the need to end something in your life.  Something may need to be “put to death” so that you can start a new.

3.  Graveyard or cemetery.  If you are walking through a graveyard or cemetery it can signify that you are currently in a period of mourning or dealing with sad emotions.  A relationship may have recently ended and you are trying to adjust to life without them.  It may also represent parts of yourself that you may have disregarded.  You may have talents and opportunities around you that you are not currently utilizing to achieve your full potential.

4.  Dead people.  If you are talking to or associating with dead people in your dream this can signify that you need to break yourself free from your current relationships.  There may be some people around you currently that are negatively impacting you and you need to set you boundaries and find others to be around.

From a tarot card perspective, these dream symbols easily represent the same messages that lie behind the Death card of the Major Arcana.  This card, along with these symbols, are telling us to allow something in our lives to “end” so that we can create something new, fresh, and ultimately better for our own evolution.

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Tarot Card of August 2012: The Moon – How to Overcome Fear

I have recently decided to do a short video at the beginning of every month for “Tarot of the Month”.  For August 2012, the card I received was the Moon.  Check out my video below for a deeper understanding of the moon and some tips on how to cope with the challenges this card represents.

I hope that was beneficial to you!  If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions then feel free to comment below!

How Did You Choose Your Tarot Deck?

A thought came to me earlier today about choosing a tarot deck.  Personally, I am one who is rather “boring” when it comes to my tarot deck collection, as I only own the traditional Rider-Waite and Tarot of the Sweet Twilight.  The Rider-Waite I have purchased because it has a very systematic meanings and approach to it and most all of the card meanings  you will easily find access to in any book that you read.  However, there are hundreds of tarot decks on the market, many of which the creator claims is perfect for “intuitive” readings.

I suppose that this is what called me to my purchase of the Tarot of the Sweet Twilight deck.  The sadistic yet beautiful images seemed to “call” to me in a way.  The artwork is just so beautiful.  This particular deck, however, doesn’t fully line up to the same structure as the traditional Rider-Waite and is a deck that stresses can only be read “intuitively”.

Everybody certainly has their own views and experiences with what we may define as an “intuitive” reading, though I personally feel that all readings, if they are going to be accurate, have to have an intuitive element to them whether they are structured or not.  Anyone can deal three cards and look up the meanings or memorize the meanings, but it takes a strong intuition to make sense out of it and discover the story behind it.

That being said, though I very much so enjoy the artwork so much more on my Sweet Twilight deck, I only wish that the readings were just as good as it is when I stick to the Rider-Waite.  Unfortunately, I always feel like the deck goes too far off the beaten path to really provide as much depth of what could be.  But, as everyone says: You have to find the deck that “speaks” to you.  We all have our own symbols and images that our unconscious uses to speak to us.  If we all had the chance to really make our own deck from scratch then that would probably be our best bet at providing the most “intuitive” readings so that we can simply look at an image, ask ourselves what we feel about that image or scene, and provide an interpretation.

That all being said, I personally wonder if perhaps creating a deck based on common dream images might actually be the best to really provide a full “intuitive” reading.  But, of course, there would still be a level of knowledge and greater self-awareness that we would need to attain in order to fully understand the meaning behind the image — it’s all intuitive development.

So, perhaps at the end of the day, the only best tarot deck is to only use your intuition and dream interpretation and not use a tarot deck at all. 😉  Just kidding, because divination tools do make these things easier — but it is still a good personal goal to make.

So how did you choose your tarot deck?  Do you feel that it really “speaks” to you?  Do you feel there was still a considerable amount of knowledge and awareness that you needed to gain to still really understand the deck?

Tarot Reflections: The Empress

Basic Nature of the Empress:  Nurturing, loving, fertility, growth, beauty, passionate, manifestation.

Rider-Waite Deck: The Empress

The Empress is the ultimate archetype of motherhood and femininity.  She is ruled by the planet Venus and can be thought of as the Mother Earth or Goddess of Fertility.  Like the High Priestess, the Empress can also be represented by our inner female or the anima (the female part within men).  Though both of these cards can be represented by female energy, there is a distinct difference between the two.  While the High Priestess is known to be the “link” into our unconscious realm, the Empress is about manifestation and fertility.  From a more literal perspective, the Empress can symbolize in a tarot reading a sign of pregnancy.  However, this is certainly not where the true Empress energy ends — in fact, there is SO much more to that than many people realize!  True Empress energy in it’s full essence is the about taking all those inspirations that you have received through your unconscious (High Priestess) and fully expressing that out to the world creatively and with an enormous amount of love and passion to benefit humanity behind it!

Have you ever had a pregnancy dream when you are not pregnant?  This is a sign of the true Empress energy coming forth and what can come from these dreams is a motivation to fully create from love.  (On a personal note, the morning after a pregnancy dream was the day I came up with the idea to create this site).  It is for reasons like this that I can see why spiritual teachers such as Eckhart Tolle have commented that women are closer to enlightenment than men — because the true energy of the Empress has no desire to compete with others in their creative pursuits, but to rather create a harmonic community to benefit everyone.  So women have a bit of the advantage with this.  However, I do feel that once women can express more of this Empress-type of energy then the men will soon follow.

The Empress is also more extraverted creativity.  In contrast to the Magician, which is more introverted creativity.  Both are able to co-create with the Divine, but the Magician is more like Albert Einstein doing math equations in his basement while the Empress is more like Audrey Hepburn representing UNICEF on behalf of starving children.  Both are very different, yet still creative in their approach.

Basic meaning:  The Empress can represent a person who is driven to express themselves through genuine love and passion for everything they do and experience.  It can also represent empathy, compassion, and understanding for others.  It may also signify that the seeds you have planted in your new business venture or project are going to grow and become exactly what you have envisioned.  The Empress is pure emotion with a deep intuitive connection to spirit at it’s best.

Lessons:  The Empress teaches us to love and have passion for everything in life.  It is through the energy represented by the Empress that we can free ourselves of limiting beliefs and judgments and allow true love to fully flow.  Unfortunately, we live in a world were a considerable amount of this energy is blocked (represented as a reversal in a reading) and the result are anxieties, pain, co-dependency, depression, lack of confidence, etc.  Often the cause for this, either directly or indirectly, is the negative energy that we absorb from the world filled with judgments, wars, fighting, and overall lack of harmony and genuine support — all of which are ego-based drives.   If we take the time to look at the world with an eye that every experience is a new challenge for our own personal growth and development, rather than with hurt and disappointment, we can allow ourselves to truly be guided in our lives by our own inner love to achieve full happiness.

How does one live like the Empress?  To live following the underlying lessons of the Empress, we should implement these habits into our daily life:

1.  Spend time giving gratitude and appreciation to everyone and everything in life — and not only the good, and the bad as well.  It can become difficult when we continuously see all of the bad things wrong with the world in the news or through peers.  However, when we appreciate and choose to love the bad for existing, that we can then release such painful emotions and allow love to flow in.

2.  Choose to understand and have empathy for each and every human being.  We are all on our own unique paths and our own stage in growth with our own battles.  If we all lived life the same then life would be too easy and we would have nothing to learn.  So whenever you feel guilt or pain arise tell yourself “This is a part of my journey and growth.  This is of benefit to my evolution in this lifetime, so I forgive myself and whoever else was involved.”

3.  Give and help others openly and freely.  It is taking the time for the little things that can trigger those compassionate energies to flow again.

4.  Create not with a desire to gain “stability” or “success” but rather from a source of complete love and passion for how you can benefit others.  It is then and only then that you can truly provide yourself true stability and success in life.

With a final note, I will comment that in implementing these four suggestions cannot be and should not be acted upon solely based on the mental awareness.  Merely grasping the idea with the mind is ego-influenced.  For true healing, you have to feel a connection to it within your own heart.  You can tell yourself, but then allow yourself to really feel it.

(Personal note from Jennifer: I thank all of you for reading this post and gain benefit and inspiration through this.  Writing on this particular topic has been like therapy to me for my own healing.  I truly hope that others can at least achieve a step in their own healing by reading.  Many blessings!)

The “Hero” versus the “Villain”

This past weekend I went to the movie theater to see “The Dark Knight Rises”.  Along with this I, along with many other Americans, have heard the news about the shooting that took place in Aurora, Colorado following one of the late opening shows for this movie (or at least I think it was one of the opening shows — someone in America who has followed the news more closely is very welcome to correct me).  Naturally, the comments from the public I see are all relatively similar with making comments of “How could somebody do something like that” and other comments of basically condoning the shooter and considering him “evil”.  After watching this movie based around this imaginative idea of a “superhero” and then seeing this circumstance unfold it provoked a realizations on the concept of “hero” versus “evil”.

I’m sure that everyone can relate to having dreams of being chased by some scary figure — either in childhood and, in some cases, still in adulthood.  We’ve all had this scary figuring chasing us up and hill and through a scary building and fearful of ever actually confronting this person and trying to test if something bad will actually happen.  Some people that have done studies on dreams do actually encourage the dreamer to confront their chaser because often the underlying purpose for dreams like this is a fear of being attacked.  Though, like in all disturbing dreams, the reality is that you are laying peacefully in your bed and there is nobody attacking you.  The only thing that is trying to “attack” you is an aspect of your own self.  It is something that exists within you and you react to it with fear.

Perhaps this “scary figure” could be symbolized as a person’s “shadow” as Carl Jung calls it (and I strong encourage readers to read “The Shadow Effect” by Debbie Ford and Deepak Chopra for greater understanding than my vague explanation).  The shadow is basically the part within each of ourselves that we have repressed and considered “bad” based on the beliefs that society and our culture has taught us.  For example, you may have a politician who is an advocate of banning prostitution, yet one day he gets caught for sleeping with prostitutes.  Naturally, society would call him a “hypocrite” and so on but there’s truly a very deep and, in fact, enlightening realization that we can learn from this: He was an advocate for banning prostitution because, more than likely, his family and culture told him “This is bad”.  This caused and continued to cause him to repress himself and then look to himself as “bad” for even having a desire to go against what is socially “good”.  As a result rather than being honest, accepting, and loving for himself he hides this part and then sneaks away with prostitutes to satisfy his drive but does it secretly in hopes to not feel the shame.  The trouble is, it eventually catches up to him.

It’s likely that this same exact thing happened to the shooter in this tragedy in Aurora, Colorado.  Now, I’m not saying that he was repressing the part of himself that said “I want to kill people” but rather that he was likely his own inner depression, lack of self-love, lack of feelings of love and support from his environment, financial pressures, occupation pressures, and just overall lack of satisfaction of life which was caused by feelings that it isn’t okay to simply be himself.

Is the shadow something that only people that kill, cheat, steal, etc. have?  Certainly not, as it is a part of every signal one of us and when the public reacts to these situations in now calling such a person a “hypocrite”, “villain”, “evil”, etc. it only reinforces the initial: Judgement.  And I can say that from what I’ve learned in doing tarot for myself, for others, and my own experiences is this: Love and judgement cannot co-exist.  If you are judging a person, you are preventing yourself from loving them.  If you are loving a person completely, you are free of judgement.

This is not an easy thing to do, but it is certainly something that we should keep in mind and remember in our day to day lives and we will make our lives easier for ourselves.

Now, jumping back to the “Superhero” and “Villain” concept: Because of our shadow selves, this collective view of a “hero” and a “villain” that we see in dreams, and along with our instinctual “fight or flight” response we have the tendency to always view things as a competition.  I will comment that this can be more of an issue for men than women, with the reason being that men instinctively react with a “fight” (offensive) response while women more often react  in “flight” (defensive) response.  It makes sense when you think back to the days when we had to fight for our food, but its not quite as necessary in our now technologically advanced societies.

Because of all this, we have the tendency to live our lives with a “us” versus “them”.  Or a “good” versus “evil”.  Or a “hero” versus “villain”.  But how can we define a person as being “good” or “bad”?  And does that give us any justification for judgment onto them?  Does it actually cause any ultimate good?  No — it only continues a cycle of competition, of one blaming another and no genuine love in existence.

The idea of a “hero” and a “villain” is only an illusion that we have created in our human minds, which ultimately just limits us.  Of course, this doesn’t mean that there isn’t conflict in the world but rather that we are the cause of the conflict — each and every day.  After all, who else exists and “runs” this world other than humans?  The truth is that there is no competition, there never was and there never will be — because from a universal and spiritual perspective we are all equals. 

My prayers go out to the families of the victims and well as for the shooter himself.  It is my only hope that these tragedies influence others to realize this cycle of stagnancy and pain we have caused ourselves by choosing judgement over love.

Tarot Reflections: The High Priestess

Basic Nature of the High Priestess:  Higher self, intuition, subconscious awareness, mystery, wisdom.

Rider Waite Deck: The High Priestess

The High Priestess is represented by the number 2 in the tarot deck.  In numerology, the number 2 is the first number placed on the spiritual plane, for it is the most basic energy that we can connect to the spirit through via our intuition.  Because it is represented by a 2, this card represents duality.  However, this is not duality in the idea that it exists in your outer world, but rather your inner world.  The duality gained with the High Priestess is a balance between our human selves and the Divine.  From a Jungian standpoint, the High Priestess can be represented with more female energy (though, of course, whether we are male or female we possess both male and female parts, according to Jung).  This female energy can be more described as an inner wisdom by finding ways to connect to our higher selves.  In contrast to the Magician that is able achieve pure intelligence through concentration, the High Priestess represents a need for personal reflection.  In this regard, the energy of the High Priestess speaks to all of us through dreams and meditations.  It is the High Priestess that creates a “bridge” from our conscious mind into our unconscious.

Basic meaning:  The High Priestess often arises in a tarot reading as a sign that you need to stop, reflect, and listen to your inner voice for clarity.  You may have worries, anxieties, and fears clouding you from thinking clearly so the High Priestess often comes in and says “Stop, slow down, you already know the answer — look within”.  This card can also often represent a person who is involved in a relationship or situation that is very intuitively aware of what is going on.  If this card shows up in a reading for a man, then this card may signify the need for him to develop his inner feminine awareness.

Lessons:  The High Priestess teaches us that all that we see, feel, think and experience in this world is collected in our subconscious mind.  These things that we collect then emerge to us through dreams.  By being aware of this and the messages in our dreams we can become more aware of our own evolution of consciousness and to know what lessons we need to learn to overcome challenges.

The High Priestess also tells us that it is not intelligence or imagination that we must strive for in our lives, but rather wisdom and love.  The spirit only exists from eternal wisdom and love.

It is through the High Priestess that we are told to remove ourselves from our busy lives and take the time to look within and reflect.  It is only through inner reflection that we can truly connect to the spirit and find the guidance and direction that we truly need in  life.

How does one live like the High Priestess?  To live following the underlying lessons of the High Priestess, we should implement these habits into our daily life:

1.  Take the time for daily meditation, yoga, or any other additional exercise or activity that can clear your mind.

2.  Spend time writing a journal or diary to reflect upon your experiences.  Write down the words free of thought.  Allow the words to simply flow on paper.  Write what you feel from WITHIN.

3.  Look out for and be aware of intuitive signs that you experience in your every day life either as a sense or in your outer life.  Suddenly smell pizza when there is no pizza around?  Suddenly hear a voice or message when your not around anyone?  It is likely spirit trying to speak to you.  Frustrated because your computer keeps acting up when you are trying to send an e-mail?  It’s probably a sign from the universe to stop.

4.  Keep a dream journal to receive more messages from your higher self.  Keep a notepad and pen by your bed and write anything that you can before you get out of bed in the morning.  Not only does keeping a journal give signs to what obstacles you need to overcome in order to move forward, but the more you remember your dreams the more your dreams will reveal themselves to you.

2 Ways to Find Balance Through the “Shit”

I had a dream last night that seems to be sticking with me today a bit.  It wasn’t one of those “story” dreams where I’m being chased through the forest by some mysterious character or I had some sort of mission to accomplish.  Rather, it was just one of those dreams of random images, impressions, sounds, and feelings that didn’t really have much correlation from one to the next.

Early this morning what arose in this dream of scattered senses that I was having was a question that I asked, “How did he find balance?”  Who “he” is exactly (or what that symbolizes) I do not know at the moment, but the answer I received was quite interesting.  What did I see?  A toilet.

When images like this come up in my dreams, it reminds me as to why the general population are simply puzzled by their dreams, rule them off as “just weird with no real use of them”, and just ignore what they experienced in their dream.  In fact, I will admit that the first time I had a dream that regarded a toilet during my dream analysis I reacted with an attitude of “Yeah this is really weird, but this is what I dreamed of…” while laughing to myself at the oddness of the image.  Coincidentally, this initial dream that I recalled that involved a toilet I quickly realized actually had a very significant message behind it — and so it proves that these odd  images should not be disregarded.

So what on earth would a toilet mean (to me) in how to find balance?  First, I knew I was asking about inner balance because I know that in order to have outer balance you need inner balance first.  Second, how would a toilet have anything to do with inner balance?  Well, what do you put in the toilet?  Shit — we put all the trash, waste, and garbage that you no longer need into the toilet.

So what is the spirit’s answer to my question of “How does one find inner balance?”  I’m actually seeing two key variables that we need in order to find and maintain inner balance:

1.  To free ourselves from our limiting thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.  All of these things have been created by the world and hold their place within us through our ego, because we subconsciously believe that we need these things in order to function and “belong” in this world.  Truly, they hold no true power and truly do not provide us with any benefit — they only cause us to hold ourselves back and repress parts of ourselves.  These things that we so much so hold on to are created by the world and exist only in the world — and that is where we need to leave them and consider them to be.  Examples may include any or all of the following:

  • Political beliefs
  • Religious beliefs
  • Self-doubts
  • Beliefs of what kind of job you will be “good” at and “not good” at based on what others have told you
  • Beliefs in how you “need” to handle finances
  • Beliefs in conspiracy theories
  • Beliefs in businesses and industries
  • Believing that some things may be “too difficult” for you
  • Believing that “you are not good enough”
  • Expectations in relationships
  • Judgments of others
  • Feelings of a need for competition
  • Fear, anxiety, worry
  • Stress (that is exerted in a negative way)
  • And more.

Did these things exist within you as a young child?  Of course not.  These are all things that you  have gathered and collected from the world and placed as a part of yourself.  None of these things truly hold any power.  They are both figuratively and literally the “Shit that you no longer need”.

2.  The second message that I’ve gathered from this image is the additional lesson to keep in mind once the first lesson is known.  It is: Even when you’ve found your inner balance, the world will continue to challenge you with more “shit”.  Even if you have found a way to clear yourself with all limiting thoughts, feelings, and beliefs this doesn’t mean that the rest of the world has as well.  The world will continue to challenge you every day through judgments, criticisms, and beliefs that may cause you worry or frustration.  The challenge here is to always keep in mind that everyone in this world is only human and you can only truly help others if you provide them with love and understanding rather than judgment.  Yes, it will likely be frustrating (after all, we are all human and it is a natural way to react) but we can’t truly help anyone with judgment.  As the old saying goes “You can’t fight fire with fire”.  So when somebody tries to burn you with fire, you have to come in with the water.

Deciphering Precognitive Dreams

We’ve all had those moments where we are going about our daily lives and suddenly you think “Ah!  Deja vu!” its that exact moment when you swear that you dreamed that exact scene before that very moment.  Or perhaps you have a dream that held a symbol of something that will occur to you or a friend in the near future.  Many scientists believe it may just be a trick of the mind, though I can assure that it’s everything but that.  So how do you know the difference between any typical dream versus a dream that is actually giving you information about the future?  This is my personal experience.

For as long as I can remember I recall having a precognitive awareness of future events.  I don’t like to say this as pointing to that I am “psychic” or at all special in that way, because I believe that everybody is capable of this.  But I must say that I’ve experienced these “just knowings” from both dreams and while awake.  Of course, some of these realizations that occurred while I’m awake may have originated from a dream symbol that I just didn’t consciously pick up on, but I don’t know exactly because I wasn’t keeping a dream journal back then.

After keeping a dream journal for a fairly good while now, I feel like I’ve gotten a better grasp at deciphering what is (or could potentially be) precognitive versus what is not.  Here are some guidelines that I’ve felt are pretty accurate based on my experience.

1.  If its a sign from the future, then it won’t be in the main story line of the dream.  From my experience I can say that often times the main story line of my dream is mostly all focused on the things that I am subconsciously working through at a psychological level as well as advice and guidance as to what I should do.  I feel like this is a common misconception by the general population because I can say I’ve had friends wondering if this dream that their ex boyfriend came back or if they are dreaming of dating a guy friend is a futuristic message.  I have yet to have a dream that does.  Instead, these main story lines often are just symbols of things that we have to learn and work through in terms of personal growth.

2.  The precognitive messages and symbols often pop up on the “sideline” of the main story.  I’ve noticed for myself that if I do have a precognitive message within the main story line of the dream, it is often a side thing and not my main focus in the dream.  For instance, you’re on this mission to find the stairs so you can go up to your room to meet a friend and as you are finding the stairs you cross paths with your old friend with a baby.  If you can recall this after waking, you then realize to yourself “Wait, this person doesn’t have a baby” then you may actually be surprised a few days later to see that they are pregnant.  These little signs are hard to catch because they are so casual.  You have to be sure to start writing the very moment you wake up and don’t move from the bed in order to really pick up on these little messages.

3.  Precognitive messages often come in “flashes”.  Have you ever noticed that when you dream there are times when you don’t have any “story”?  Instead what we often may do is just have a series of random symbols, words, and hear messages that don’t flow together into any story.  I’ve noticed that if I’m going to have an actual precognitive scene then it will come through one of these “flashes” or perhaps I’ll receive some random symbol that may be symbolic or important for future reference.

Numbers in Dreams

Have you ever had a dream that you opened a book and were stuck one certain page number?  Or perhaps you had a dream where you got a plane ticket with the number “90” on it.  Our dreams are all a collection of various symbols coming from our higher selves and intuition.  In the same way that water can often mean emotions, numbers also hold strong symbols as well.

I’ve noticed this quite a bit lately in my own dream journal.  We do often dream of numbers but we just don’t always remember all of them or really understand the meaning behind them.  I suppose this is what influenced me to read up more on numerology and how this can tie in with both our dreams and in tarot readings.  Here is a little guide that might help you at least get a jump start in discovering what these numbers in your dreams are trying to tell you.

One: When we often think of the number one we think “solo”.  In this regard, the number one can often symbolize independence and individuality.  From a tarot standpoint, it often means the new beginning of something or at least a fresh new idea.  It can also stand for our “ego”, meaning the way we express ourselves outwardly to the world.

Two: Commonly when we think of the number two we collectively connect with ideas such as balance, duality, or partnership.  We can also look at the number to as taking two opposites and combining together, such as male and female, yin and yang, white and black, day and night, etc.  The number two can also be connected to the more spiritual realm and our intuition.  In the major arcana of the traditional tarot deck, card number two is the High Priestess, which stands for intuition and our inner connection to our spiritual guides.  In that regard, the two may also symbolize not only the duality of things in our physical world but perhaps even a sense of balance between our human selves and our higher (spiritual) selves.

Three:  When the number three comes up we often unconsciously think of a triangle or any type of trilogy.  This could include: mind, body, soul; father, mother, child; father, son, holy spirit; etc.  It could also stand for a sense of inner strength and balance among your mind, body, and soul — each are working in good harmony rather than one being more dominant.  In numerology, the number three is represented on the mind plane in the birth chart.  The mind plane is the “connector” between our ego and our spiritual/intuitive selves.

Four:  The number four often represents stability (think a table or dog with four legs — it’s stable and sturdy).  It can also mean a more focus on the material and physical things.  It could also stand for a desire to be orderly and “formal” (like in formal design there is “even weights” on both sides of a table versus informal that is not).

Five: In numerology, the five is in the center of the soul (spiritual) plane in the birth chart.  It could represent love and feeling a sense of freedom to express yourself.  Since it is in the center of the birth chart, it could quite literally mean the “center of your existence.  It could also refer to the five senses in that you may need to pay more attention to what you are picking up via your senses.  In tarot, the minor cards with the number five mean that you are dealing with some sort of power struggle and are feeling rather imbalanced, so it provokes a calling to rediscover that balance and inner awareness.

Six:  As a double of the number three, the number six can stand for a balance of your ego, mental, and spiritual self.  It could indicate bliss and harmony in both your inner and outer world.  As a multiple of two, it could also stand for a balance of opposites.

Seven:  This can represent healing and protection.  It could also mean the seven chakras or the seven days of the week.  It can also stand for learning — one of practical philosophy that you may be experiencing.

Eight: The number eight often stands for power, authority, gain, and success.  In numerology, it is the most active spiritual number because it represents wisdom through intuition.

Nine: Because the number nine is the last number before 10, it often represents that you are in a period of transition.  It stands for rebirth and inspiration.  It could mean that you are nearing the end of a life cycle and are preparing to start a new.  In numerology, it is the strongest on the mind plan and can represent ambition, responsibility and idealism — often three things that we may feel and express when we are at a transitional or change period in our lives.

Zero:  The number zero is often a “blank” number slot, as read in both numerology and often in dreams (unless, of course, you  have a strong personal association to a certain number like 60 or 70).  The number zero can mean both beginning and end.

Eleven: The number eleven is a number of strong spiritual connection.  It stands for intuition, spirituality and enlightenment.  Since it is represented by two 1’s it is quite similar to being read as the number two and could also be seen as a sense of balance and equality.  Personally, I’ve found the meaning behind the number eleven to be well represented by the High Priestess of the major arcana (perhaps even more so than the number two).

Now, of course, you should always keep in mind that you might have some personal association with some number as well.  Say, for instance, something very significant happened to you in 1989 and the number 89 comes up in your dream it may represent that past circumstance rather than symbolize what is listed above.  These interpretations of the numbers come from the collective unconscious way of viewing these, though that can always be variable.  So remember to always check back to your individual feelings with the number or symbol before settling with the idea that it is one of the above meanings.

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