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4 Essential Oils for Headaches

Got a headache, but unable to find anything to relieve it?  I’ve been there — perhaps more times than I would like to (in fact, I have one right now! Ha).  And if you’re at all like me, I always want to fix the underlying cause rather than retort to a pain reliever or some prescription drug, so these leaves me to get rather creative in finding methods of relief.

For each person the causes can be a little bit different, but for myself I’ve noticed that it’s usually either digestive or sinus related — and either of those could very well just be rooted in stress.  One may simply say “take some time to relax in a hot warm bath” and that will relieve everything.  Yet, as I’m sure many others can agree, that’s not so easily the case.

What I have found in my exploration of “natural cures” using aromatherapy can work wonders.  Now, I don’t necessarily mean just lotions or shower gels, but rather actual 100% natural essential oils with no additives.  These are four that I have found work well for me for headache relief and they should also not negatively effect your sleep in anyway if you use it at night or before bed.

1.  Eucalyptus Essential Oil.  For all of those Bath and Body’s Works fans out there: Yes, this is the main ingredient in their “Stress Relief” product.  This was actually recommended to me from a friend who used to regularly suffer from migraines.  I must say that has really help me find relief — even in the most torturing migraines.  It is also great to use during any sinus headaches because the powerful smell of eucalyptus helps clear your sinuses.  It is a natural expectorant and is anti-inflammatory.

2.  Lavender Essential Oil.  Personally, I use this not only for headaches but also to help me  “wind down” at the end of the day and to sleep more peacefully.  As an essential oil, lavender has a very mild scent and it’s likely that if you’re used to more synthetic smells you won’t notice it at first.  However, this is still one of the most popular essential oils purchased.  It is naturally anti-inflammatory and a sedative.  Because it is so mild and is anti-inflammatory, it can also be used to treat acne spots.

3.  Roman Chamomile Essential Oil.  With the natural scent of Chamomile, it is no doubt that this oil is great for relaxation and to help you sleep better.  Dab some of this on before bed and hopefully you’ll wake up fully rested and headache-free!

4.  Helichrysum Essential Oil.  I have honestly not tried this one yet, but it is supposed to have a fresh scent.  It is also supposed to be a very powerful anti-inflammatory.

Now, how do you use these essential oils?  Technically, you are supposed to mix it with a carrier oil because it is too strong to put directly on your skin.  However, I’ll admit that I’ve put lavender oil directly on my neck and forehead without any problems or hesitation because it is such a mild oil.  I suppose that yoga instructor that used to put essential oil on our necks during our final relaxation pose put me into a bad habit!

How are you technically supposed to use them?  Here’s a little guide:

1 oz Carrier Oil (such as Jojoba or Sweet Almond Oil)

10-12 drops of the essential oil of choice (Eucalyptus may only require 6-8)

You should mix the ingredients in a bottle thoroughly and then rub the mixture on your next, temples, forehead, etc.  You must always be careful not to get it in your eyes — and if you happen to on accident, trust me you will know!

Would you like to try it out?  Here are some options below.  Always be sure when purchasing essential oils that it lists 100% on the label.

*Note: Also, always be sure to check the size of the bottle of essential oil you are purchasing.  Some are harder to extract from the plants so they cost much more per ounce.  Always know how much you are getting beforehand so you are not unpleasantly surprised.


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3 Tips to Find the Help You Truly Need

For centuries humans have been developing various different methods to improve our mental and physical health.  From traditional western medicine to herbal supplements; from aromatherapy to acupuncture; from traditional counseling/psychotherapy to prayer and meditation.

When a struggle in a moment arises, we immediately question: What is the answer?  What do I need to do to fix this?

The truth is that despite all scientific studies or experiments done through any therapist, there is always room for error.  What works for one person is not always going to work for another.  We all have very unique bodies and struggles to face in this life, just as we are all very unique at our own soul level and with our individual talents.  Our diversity and uniqueness is what creates the beauty of this world.

So what do you need to do to find out what will truly work for you?

1.  Stop considering any method as an absolute “right” method.  The motive for this need to have something that is “right” or “true” is a sign of the ego emerging.  The truth is that, ultimately, there is no one right and true way that will work for everybody despite all scientific studies.  What may work for one individual person may provide a negative response for someone else.  Are there some methods that may work for a large population of people?  Sure, but that still doesn’t mean that this method is true in anyway.

2.  Look to your search with an eye of personal experimentation and discovery.  You may try one method and it will work only in spurts, or you may find one that only cures “part” of your problem.  Keep an open and free mind in your search and look to this as a way of personal experimentation and discovery.  You may try a tarot reading, but realize that this method doesn’t quite fully work for you… so then find something else that you feel does work.

3.  Trust your heart and inner guide 100%.  The only true way to know and to have a good “feel” that this particular method, path, or direction is true for you is by checking with your inner guide.  Do you feel that this doctor can truly recognize your problem?  Do you feel a good connection to this psychic?  There is no one person on this planet that is meant to help everyone, as that is why there are so many people here with various different talents.  Experiment and continue your search.  Look within to see what methods “gel” with you.  See what person you feel will really listen, consider, and understand your feedback and is willing to change and work with your suggestions.  And even if you try something and it doesn’t work out, release any potential frustration and say to yourself “It was a worthwhile experience that is now sending me closer to the path that does truly work for me”.

So, to answer the initial question: What Will Truly Help You?  The answer: YOU!  You have all the power and knowledge already within you to truly create full happiness for yourself… and THAT is the universal goal for all of us.

How to Read Tarot: How Tarot Works Video

In order to reflect my latest written blog post that provided the base information on how tarot cards work, I have also made a YouTube video.

I hope that you enjoy and found this beneficial to help you understand how tarot/the universe works. 🙂

How to Read Tarot Cards: How Tarot Cards Work

This is the start of what will eventually become a series of several posts to provide guidance for those who wish to begin reading tarot.

I feel that it is important to start out with a solid base in understanding how tarot works and why and how they do not work in order to provide you with a good foundation to build off from rather than wasting time by trying things that are not meant to work for tarot.  For this post, I’m going to focus on main questions that I’m sure many people have about tarot.

How can the cards be so accurate?

This may sound a little bit like “voodoo” but basically the cards are providing a lesson based from our unconscious selves.  Some may refer to this as your higher self, your soul, your angels, your guides, your teachers, the divine, etc.  Personally, I feel that all of these things are interconnected and will all point you in the same direction of your own spiritual growth, so it doesn’t necessarily matter as what “label” you would like to place on it.  We are all interconnected to spirits outside of us and all interconnected to each other and that is how we can pick up on the energies of others without seeing, talking to, or perhaps ever meeting the person.

We are truly spiritual beings and spirit is always trying to send messages to us via our intuition, but our human minds are so busy focused on “more important things” that we fail to listen to and trust these messages.  The benefit of using tarot cards is that it helps to provide us with clarity when our  minds are so clouded with other worldly things.

Can tarot cards predict the future?

Aside from popular belief, the answer is mostly no.  The reason is because that is not how the universe works and that is not what the spirit has meant for us.  What tarot DOES do is provide us with insights on our life’s path to give us guidance as to what lessons we need to learn and how we need to improve.  Often times the reason that we feel lost, depressed, trapped, insecure, etc. is because we are not connected to spirit and our own inner voice.  These are the side effects of repressing the voices of our soul’s true path in life.  This is not to say that you will still not deal with challenges even if you are trusting spirit and your intuition, but it is not something that you will “hold on to” for very long.  You will be able to overcome these challenges with ease rather than choose to be dragged down by them.

There are times when the tarot cards may predict something in your near future, but that is a prediction based on our current energies (thought patterns, feelings, etc.).  We are constantly creating our own futures with the universe, so the reason that predictions are often not correct is because through our free will we can easily change or shift something to change our future.

Are tarot cards evil?

Not at all.  The only way that tarot cards can be bad is if you are given a tarot card reading by a bad reader that you can determine by any or all of the following:

1.  A reader that causes greater inner confusion than clarity.  Translations can sometimes be difficult for the tarot reader to put it into words for the client to understand (it’s a continuous lesson for any reader), but the reading should still “gel” with you to some degree.

2.  A reader that causes you greater resistance by feeling more misunderstood.  There is a difference between receiving advice that hurts but you know it is true, versus receiving advice that doesn’t resonate with you or your situation at all and just causes greater frustration.

3.  A reader that is vague and doesn’t provide much guidance or  direction.  Have you ever had a reading of “If you put forth effort in X it will work?” and your reaction is “Okay, well how do I do that?”  I know I have!  The reader should be able to give at least some greater guidance as to what you should work on either within yourself or externally.

4.  A reader that provides a false hope for the future that influences you to “sit by the door waiting”.  You should never “sit around waiting for a good thing to come”.  We need to be proactive in order to create our own happiness.  This is often why long-term predictions don’t work.

Reading Tarot Card Reversals

To read the reversal or not read the reversal?  These seems to be a continuous debate between tarot readers and everyone seems to have their own opinion as to which way is best.

Personally, I’ve found that through having readings done by some that do read reversals, others that don’t read reversals, and my own experimentation in reading tarot — there is no solid yes or no answer.  I’ve had readers miss details of my situations by not reading the reversal, but I’ve also had readers miss details who did read the reversal.

Do I read reversals?  The answer:  Yes and no, as I’ve found that it depends on the context of the question and the spread being used.  For instance, if I’m using a Celtic Cross spread, this spread is predominantly used to explain the external information of a person’s situation (only a card or two REALLY goes into what is going on with them and others around them on the inside) then I will definitely read the reversals.  However, if I made up a spread or am looking at the cards in a spread that are directed to understanding what this person needs to inwardly overcome (a good example would be a card to represent a person’s “challenge” or “advice”), then I focus predominantly on the true nature of the card but I kind of make a bit of a mental note that it was reversed, as then I keep in mind that this development may be more difficult for them.

Overall, I’ve found that it’s certainly not one of those things that can be fully mentally grasped by the linear mind, as it is something that we can really only sense and pick up on intuitively as to which direction the energies are at the moment.  Though, I will admit, some concrete knowledge in psychology can certainly help to fully understand and have empathy for what is really going on on an inner level.

Perhaps if I manage to discover some tried-and-true method for myself that I can explain in detail how it works for certain questions asked in a spread, then I’ll add more of my thoughts on this subject.  For now, if anyone would like to tell me their experience for discussion that would be greatly appreciated. 🙂

The Epitome of True Femininity in Society

I’ve been reading a few books lately.  The one that I’ve been predominantly focusing and learning the most from more recently is a book focused on the Jungian psychology behind tarot.  The other day I was reading into the history and how the major arcana are focused on our evolution in consciousness, with the ultimate goal, of course, is attaining enlightenment.

The first few card of the major arcana: Fool, Magician, High Priestess, Empress, and Emperor.  In simple terms, the fool is the “naive, spontaneous, free-spirit” who is taking it’s first “leap” into the world.  The fool is excited and optimistic, but has many lessons that have yet to be learned.  This is the base of our existence.  Remember how as a kid everything was fascinating and you looked at everything with wonder and desire to discover?  That can simply sum up the fool and we can often have this card come up when we are embarking on a new project or “chapter” of our lives — in whatever area that may be.  I may go into more card descriptions later on, but I’m mostly discussing this to make my point in other card messages.

The next four cards, coincidentally, are focused on our core male and female energies.  The male energies include the Magician, a card of innovation and introverted creativity, and the Emperor, a card of implementation and external structure.  The female energies include the High Priestess, a card of inner awareness and connection to the unconscious, and the Empress, a card of compassion and external imagination and creativity.

Parts of this Jungian psychology tarot book discussed the history of the cards and the layouts of the pictures in various more popular decks.  One thing that was noted that I found interesting was how, in the earliest decks, the fool was facing the right, which was meant to symbolize a need for development of core male energies in the world, also known as the “yang” (in Taoism).  However, in more modern decks (including the most popular Rider-Waite) the fool is facing the left, which is meant to symbolize the need for development of core female energies in the world, also known as the “yin” (in Taoism).

Now, I’ve also read and have been learning in greater depth the theories of Carl Jung.  One of the theories that Jung created as a base to describe the complete human “psyche” is the anima (female part of a male) and animus (male part of a female).  In the chapter in a book I was reading about the anima and animus, the author (a female Jungian analyst) pointed out how this development in more women going out into the workforce rather than being housewives is/will be great for women to develop their animus aspects.  Now, mind you, this book was also written in the 1970s, so the discussion of “women just starting to go out into the workforce” in itself I felt was pretty outdated.  Despite this, at the same time I couldn’t help but wonder to myself “Is it really allowing women to develop their animus in a positive way?”

So I contemplated this for a moment and looked at how the tarot represents the core characteristics of each gender.  when I looked at our daily lives in societies, it is easy to find where cards like the “Magician” and “Emperor” are being implemented.  You see the “Magician” in any innovative new business.  You see the “Emperor” in all business structures and government policies.  It is very easy to see these energies working in our daily lives — but then I wondered: Where is the High Priestess and Empress in all of this?  I honestly couldn’t see where these energies are truly being implemented in any society.  Rather, upon reflection, I’ve seen women repressing their true feminine characteristics in order to “match up” to our male-driven societies.

Now, this is certainly not to say that male energies are bad, as we do certainly need the characteristics shown in the Magician and Emperor in society in order to function properly.  But what is actually heartbreaking is the lack of these characteristics expressed.  Where is the true understanding, compassion, and love that is so deeply rooted in these cards?  Instead, we have women that over-analyze, second guess their intuitions constantly, feel insecure, and are unable to find the true love that is in their hearts.  As a result, we find ourselves jealous of other women, overspending on material things for emotional comfort, trying to control our partners to “make” them love us, and many are completely clueless who we really truly are at a soul-level.

The irony in all of this is that none of those things actually satisfy anything, yet we would feel completely secure and fulfilled if we freely expressed these core feminine aspects of ourselves.  I suppose that, up until this point in history, we have obviously been able to do this in regard to child-bearing but to say that women are only meant to have babies feels cut short from our full potential.  Perhaps if we freely expressed our true feminine souls with strength and confidence without any ego-rooted fear, then we would already have all the love of the world — and if anybody were to reject that, then it would prove their own ego-driven block.

Any other female thoughts, feelings, or perceptions of this?  Or even any male perspectives?  As I feel that it’s even something missing in males as well, as it is a lack of development of the amina in a positive way because of our societal histories.

Our Drives for External Security or External Freedom

A thought came to my mind today after doing a few readings for others, some personal introspection, and thinking back to some books I’ve read lately.


I’ve done a few readings for women who were basically in a place of “I want security in my life. I want a secure job and relationship.  Why can’t I have that?  When will I have that?”  What I always find interesting when I bring this kind of question to the cards, I often get a card (but not only limited to this one card) like the “4 of Pentacles”, which would mean that this person is wanting security so much in their external environment that they are insecure in their internal environment.


This brings up a good lesson is that: What is going on internally is therefore what we strive for externally.  In other words, what we perceive is what we believe on the inside.  Is a higher income job really going to make you feel more secure?  Is a marriage really going to make you feel more secure?  If you’re not secure within yourself now, then your chances are that it isn’t going to satisfy anything.  In fact, it may eventually just cause you to feel stagnant and wish for greater freedom, which brings me to the other end of the spectrum:  A drive to be a “free spirit” and not wanting any things to “tie you down”.  What can be concluded by a person who always wants freedom in their external environment with no ties of security to anyone or anything?  More than likely it is because this person does not feel free internally.  It’s likely that this person’s own conscious blocks from childhood are still causing them, to some extent, to still not fully express their higher self.


So what is the answer to all of this if we are not ultimately happy and complete with their security or freedom?  In a way, it’s almost like the yin-yang concept where if we thought of security as the yin and freedom as the yang.  We want both with different things and at different moments of our lives but if we don’t balance the two then we stay on a cycle of missing something.


So how do we live without “missing” something?  The only way to truly live without missing something is to be enough in touch with our own souls (or “higher selves” or “intuition” or “psyche” — whichever you like to call it) that we don’t repress our own unconscious drives.  The second we repress those drives (typically as a result of our own societal beliefs, family origins, fears, etc.) then we hurt ourselves and don’t feel “free” and “secure”.


You’re probably thinking: Yes, that could be easy maybe if I didn’t have to deal with social structures and expectations.  Yet, I suppose you can keep this thought in mind as well: What really is our reality:  Is it our dreams or is our waking life truly the “dream”?  Our sleeping dream is our inner truth, our waking life is our opportunity to overcome it and create everything that our heart’s desire.

How to Structure Questions for Tarot Readings

I’ve experimented with tarot for several years now.  I’ve read for myself and for others.  I’ve read for some friends casually in-person and have read for several online for people I have not personally known.  I’ve gone through spouts of trying to test my intuition to the max where I asked people to not tell me anything about their situation and to see what I pick up.  I’ve also gone through spouts where I’ve asked people to tell me a lot about their situation.  I’ve done general readings to see what things I can intuitively pick up.  I’ve done readings asking very specific inner and outer variables of situations.

One thing that I’ve learned through all of this experimentation is this: You need to give a solid structured question to ask the cards for the best accuracy and understanding.  Now, this is not to say by any means that the cards are necessarily “wrong” because I have yet to see them as “wrong”.  I’ve asked the cards general questions for myself and have also asked general questions for others.  The results that I’ve always seen with this is that the cards do certainly tell me what is going on, but it can very easily become non-helpful because the cards will tell things that are not necessarily relevant at this time.  For instance, I make ask the cards: When will Alice get over her current issue?  As the reader, I don’t know if this is love, career, financial, or friendship related.  I may see that there is a Knight of Pentacles in this reading.  This Knight may very well represent Alice’s current boyfriend to the T but her boyfriend is not relevant to this question and, as a result, the reading starts to steer off course from what the client was actually asking about.

The lesson comes in that the cards are going to tell you only what you ask of it.  If you ask a general non-specific question then you are going to get a general answer of you or the querent’s current life situation.

Here are some guidelines that I like to follow (as of now, this may change) that can help you in getting the best reading:

1.  Specify what area of your life you are asking about.  If you are asking about love, then the cards most likely will only tell you about your love life.  If you are asking about career, then the cards will tell you about your career.  It will avoid energies from other areas of your life coming into the reading.

2.  Don’t be general in asking a question of “When will I get over my current struggle?”  You need to ask what this struggle is exactly because, in all reality, you may have several struggles going on in your life that the universe knows you are dealing with.  If you ask this question, the universe is going to tell you about all of them rather than the one that you would like to know about.  How can the universe know which one you are referring to exactly unless you specify?

3.  If you want a truly deeper more spiritual or psychological reasoning and understanding of the area then you need to ask questions that are deep in nature.  Card spreads like the celtic cross are great, but they are set up to only tell the reader and the querent only the current external variables of the situation (much of which you may already know yourself).  Therefore, if you really want to know how a person in your life currently truly feels then ask something like “What is Alex’s current block?” or “What is Alex’s current challenge?”.  However, by asking these deeper questions a much deeper understanding of the cards as well as a lot of empathy without judgment is also needed by the reader (just a heads up for anyone who is doing this on their own and they’re just starting out with tarot).

If you keep this simple guidelines in mind, then you will get get a reading with the full clarity that you desire.



When Those Negative Emotions Come Back

So you’ve been meditating regularly, you’ve been recording your dreams, and you’ve been doing other things to help become more spiritual.  You get into these periods of a major “high” where you feel perfectly connected and living by the moment, but then suddenly BAM some negative emotions come back to hit you like a pile of bricks and you don’t know how to respond.

Have you been there? I know I have — and it has been far too many times in the last several months that if I probably told this to a conventional therapist or psychiatrist they’d probably think I’m bipolar.  The truth is, however, that it is everything BUT bipolar.  No matter who you seem to get information from in the psycho-spiritual area, it is explained as a sign that you are on the path to a spiritual awakening.

Eckhartt Tolle describes this as the “pain body” and that it will have the tendency to creep back.  He suggests that the best way to handle it is to except it as part of the moment (rather than fight it) and it will eventually pass.  Though I completely agree with his suggestion from a spiritual standpoint, I can’t help but wonder what the reasons are for this trigger.  I came across one reading the other day that seemed to imply that it is caused by the fact that we may still be holding on to the pain and hurt from our past relationships, so it still comes back to hurt us.  It was suggested that we must completely forgive in order to be relieved because, until we do so, it is like we are unconsciously choosing to be “chained” to this person and it won’t allow us to live in the moment and be “free” until we choose to free ourselves from our pain.

I have also tried using some EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), accupressure, and accupuncture that has worked well for me though it is something that needs to consistently be done because it always comes back.  Others have explained this as a chakra imbalance, which is something that could perhaps be cleared with reiki or any other energy work.  I personally have yet to try and experience this so I can’t give my personal experience with this.

What have you tried?  What works for you?  What doesn’t work for you?

Your Bad Day May Be a Sign

We’ve all had bad days: you get out of bed and stub your toe, you miss your bus, you burn your tongue on that first sip of coffee… nothing feels like it’s ever going right and you can’t understand why on earth you are suddenly having such bad luck.

Well, I had one the other day and, oddly, it wasn’t even one that started off as bad but once I decided to take an afternoon trip one bad thing led to another.  To make a long story short, by the end of the trip I found myself standing outside of my apartment at midnight with no key to get in and unable to find the maintenance guy for my building for help.

Luckily, I did manage to get into my apartment so I could sleep and be ready for work the next morning.

Most of us tend to write this off as simply having “bad luck” that day, but the truth is that when it comes the universe there is no such thing as simple “bad luck” because you manifest everything that you receive.  The bad day, the reoccurring headache, insomnia, digestive problems, etc. are all signs that the universe is giving to us to tell us that we need to make a change in our lives — and if we don’t listen, then it will continue to reoccur until we do!

Here is a simple spread that I did after this “bad day” moment in order to get a clear idea as to what the universe was trying to tell me in this instance.  I asked the following questions:

1. What was the purpose for these events? (This card will typically show what you have been doing in your life that isn’t quite following what the universe wants of you)

2.  What lessons do I need to learn? (More than likely a major card here, but it may be a minor if it is a  simple lesson depending on your individual situation.)

3.  What actions do I need to make? (The cards may tell you exactly what to do or not be too specific.  I did asked these three questions thinking it would be enough but they simply said “make a change” but I wanted the cards to specify to what area so I could be confident as to what it is and to understand WHY it is a problem, so I asked two more additional questions for clarity.)

4.  What exactly do I need to change? (If this is reversed, look at it as if you need to work for it to be upright.  If it is upright, reflect on the card itself to see what energies of this card you need to strengthen in yourself for balance.)

5.  How? (I dealt this one just for support of the 4th card, as I feel that it can still easily be too vague and, personally, I just wanted to learn the reasoning of the cards).

With these five cards, even if you are doing this reading on your own you should be able to get a good well-rounded idea as to what exact changes you need to make in your life in order to be more “aligned” to what the universe wants of you. Finally, it’s always important to just trust your intuition as your dealing these cards, as you already know on a deeper level exactly what you need to change already — you just have to be completely honest with yourself.

Does anybody else have other spreads that they have used for instances like this?  What has worked best for you?  Have you had a “bad day” lately as well?  What do you think it was a sign of?

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