Book A Reading

Jennifer offers three kinds of readings for guidance and insight.  You may choose from any of the following that you believe will best suit your needs:

Tarot Reading – Confused about your current relationship?  Need greater clarity about your job situation?  Looking for guidance in order to get out of a stagnant cycle?  Looking for hope?  Then this is the best option for you!

Dream Interpretations – Have a dream that has really made an impact on you?  Have you had a reoccurring dream?  Have you had a dream that has made you really wonder about the meaning?  This this is the best choice for you!

Numerology – Looking for your life’s purpose?  Are you wondering why you struggle with certain things in your life?  Do you wish you know your strengths and weaknesses?  This this is the best reading for you!

Angel Card Readings – Do you have trouble maintaining faith?  Do you feel the need for some quick guidance and clarity?  Do you wish to be more aware of and connected to the divine sources working in your life?  Do you want to feel a greater sense of emotional nurturing in knowing that there is something greater than you working in your life?  Then a simple Angel Card Reading will be great for you!


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