Tarot Reflections

I’ve recently decided that I’m going to start a small series of blog posts entitled “Tarot Reflections”.  For these posts I’m going to focus on the meanings, underlying spiritual lessons, and psychological meanings behind the cards.  At this time I am planning to focus only on the major arcana rather than the minors because the majors have deeper and greater underlying lessons of our evolution than the minors.  However, that may change in time.  For now this show the messages behind each of the majors in hopes to influence and be more aware of these critical lessons for us.

This post is a “tie it all together” post.  Meaning, I will link all of the posts of this collection  back to this initial post so it is easier for people to find.  This post will be updated as I progress through my little “Tarot Reflections” project.

Major Arcana:

0 – The Fool

1 – The Magician

2 – The High Priestess

3 – The Empress

4 – Emperor

5 – Hierophant

6 – Lovers

7 – Chariot

8 – Strength

9 – Hermit

10 – Wheel of Fortune

11 – Justice

12 – Hanged Man

13 – Death

14 – Temperance

15 – Devil

16 – Tower

17 – Star

18 – Moon

19 – Sun

20 – Judgement

21 – World


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