Tarot Reflections: The High Priestess

Basic Nature of the High Priestess:  Higher self, intuition, subconscious awareness, mystery, wisdom.

Rider Waite Deck: The High Priestess

The High Priestess is represented by the number 2 in the tarot deck.  In numerology, the number 2 is the first number placed on the spiritual plane, for it is the most basic energy that we can connect to the spirit through via our intuition.  Because it is represented by a 2, this card represents duality.  However, this is not duality in the idea that it exists in your outer world, but rather your inner world.  The duality gained with the High Priestess is a balance between our human selves and the Divine.  From a Jungian standpoint, the High Priestess can be represented with more female energy (though, of course, whether we are male or female we possess both male and female parts, according to Jung).  This female energy can be more described as an inner wisdom by finding ways to connect to our higher selves.  In contrast to the Magician that is able achieve pure intelligence through concentration, the High Priestess represents a need for personal reflection.  In this regard, the energy of the High Priestess speaks to all of us through dreams and meditations.  It is the High Priestess that creates a “bridge” from our conscious mind into our unconscious.

Basic meaning:  The High Priestess often arises in a tarot reading as a sign that you need to stop, reflect, and listen to your inner voice for clarity.  You may have worries, anxieties, and fears clouding you from thinking clearly so the High Priestess often comes in and says “Stop, slow down, you already know the answer — look within”.  This card can also often represent a person who is involved in a relationship or situation that is very intuitively aware of what is going on.  If this card shows up in a reading for a man, then this card may signify the need for him to develop his inner feminine awareness.

Lessons:  The High Priestess teaches us that all that we see, feel, think and experience in this world is collected in our subconscious mind.  These things that we collect then emerge to us through dreams.  By being aware of this and the messages in our dreams we can become more aware of our own evolution of consciousness and to know what lessons we need to learn to overcome challenges.

The High Priestess also tells us that it is not intelligence or imagination that we must strive for in our lives, but rather wisdom and love.  The spirit only exists from eternal wisdom and love.

It is through the High Priestess that we are told to remove ourselves from our busy lives and take the time to look within and reflect.  It is only through inner reflection that we can truly connect to the spirit and find the guidance and direction that we truly need in  life.

How does one live like the High Priestess?  To live following the underlying lessons of the High Priestess, we should implement these habits into our daily life:

1.  Take the time for daily meditation, yoga, or any other additional exercise or activity that can clear your mind.

2.  Spend time writing a journal or diary to reflect upon your experiences.  Write down the words free of thought.  Allow the words to simply flow on paper.  Write what you feel from WITHIN.

3.  Look out for and be aware of intuitive signs that you experience in your every day life either as a sense or in your outer life.  Suddenly smell pizza when there is no pizza around?  Suddenly hear a voice or message when your not around anyone?  It is likely spirit trying to speak to you.  Frustrated because your computer keeps acting up when you are trying to send an e-mail?  It’s probably a sign from the universe to stop.

4.  Keep a dream journal to receive more messages from your higher self.  Keep a notepad and pen by your bed and write anything that you can before you get out of bed in the morning.  Not only does keeping a journal give signs to what obstacles you need to overcome in order to move forward, but the more you remember your dreams the more your dreams will reveal themselves to you.


About Jennifer Twardowski

Jennifer is a graduate student in transpersonal counseling psychology. Her interests are in personality typology (MBTI, Enneagram, Jungian typology), expressive arts, dreams, yoga, tarot and oracle cards, world religions, dance, photography, gardening, floral design, and more!

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