Angel Card Readings

Do you have trouble maintaining faith?

Do you feel the need for some quick guidance and clarity?

Do you wish to be more aware of and connected to the divine sources working in your life?

Do you want to feel a greater sense of emotional nurturing in knowing that there is something greater than you working in your life?

Then a simple Angel Card Reading will be great for you!  For these readings, Jennifer uses her Doreen Virtue Angel Therapy deck in order to provide you with a deeper insight as to what your angels wish to speak to you about your current question or area.  Jennifer will inform you about the message behind the card(s) and provide you with some steps that you may wish to take in order to feel better connected to divine guidance in your situation.

Prior to booking, I also recommend that you read my Policy Page to be sure that you understand and are aware of my policies and code of ethics.

Step 1: Payment

One Card Reading – $5



Three Card Reading – $10




Step 2: Fill out the Form

*Note:  All Angel Card Readings will be completed within 2 business days once payment and the form is sent, unless otherwise noted on this page.

**If at any time you have problems with payment via paypal, then please let me know by contacting me via the form below.

Private Policy: All readings are 100% confidential.  No information will be shared with any third party.

Ethical Policy: All readings will be 100% honest and sincere.  I will only provide you with predictions that I truly see in the cards and intuitively sense.  There will be absolutely NO predictions made that I feel are very variable or subject to change based on the current trends that I see in the reading.


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