Reading the 7 of Cups: The Good and Bad

Ah, the 7 of Cups.  The the classic Rider-Waite deck, the image on the card appears as a man who is looking at a cloud of seven cups.  Each of the cups has several different images on it.  The one has a snake, a head, a person with some sort of cape, etc.  Without much surprise, basic meaning of the card is one of imagination or fantasy.  It can easily signify a person who is in a “daydream” state.  Is it a good or bad card to see come up?  I’ve found that there can be quite a fine line with this particular card, as it is ultimately very very neutral (as most all things in the world truly are at a spiritual level).  Lets dive into this a little deeper to provide some insights as to how this card can be read when it comes up in a tarot spread…

The trick in to understanding the underlying drive and energies behind a card such as this is to do two things: 1.  Be sure to check and notice the energy patterns in the other cards that you have dealt and 2.  Trust what your intuition tells you, which is, more often than not, your first initial instinctual reaction to the cards before you allow any thought to surface.

If you seem to notice a negative trend of energy in the cards, this card can easily be read as “someone who has their head in the clouds and isn’t quite facing the reality of their situation”.  You may see and intuitively sense that there is a lot of negative energy in perhaps the person that they are asking about or perhaps even simply not-so-pleasant things going on around them despite this inner positive daydream that they have going on.  In these circumstances, it is almost best to recommend the querent to stop the daydreaming for a moment and to fully look at their situation objectively with full mental clarity with no-emotional ties.

Now, on the flip side, if you notice positive things working behind the scenes and sense that this person is going through a good period of transformation or some mere evolving then this card can easily mean that they are doing some creative visualization, meditation, or hypnotherapy that is motivating their unconscious so they can learn or grow.  Despite what negative things could occur with this card’s energy as I mentioned previously, it certainly has a lot of good that can come out of it as well.  The trick, of course, is to find balance between these things by allowing ourselves to co-create with the universe rather than tell the universe what we want and desire and completely ignoring the intuitive messages being sent to us.

So, to sum this up, the 7 of Cups can certainly become a great positive influence for us and our evolution or it can cause us to be stagnant.  In order to be sure that it is pro-active rather than passive, we must be sure that whatever dreams and goals we set for ourselves through our creative visualization, affirmations, or meditation is that we are allowing ourselves to naturally flow with the universe rather than resisting it due to our emotional attachment.

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About Jennifer Twardowski

Jennifer is a graduate student in transpersonal counseling psychology. Her interests are in personality typology (MBTI, Enneagram, Jungian typology), expressive arts, dreams, yoga, tarot and oracle cards, world religions, dance, photography, gardening, floral design, and more!

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