2 Ways to Find Balance Through the “Shit”

I had a dream last night that seems to be sticking with me today a bit.  It wasn’t one of those “story” dreams where I’m being chased through the forest by some mysterious character or I had some sort of mission to accomplish.  Rather, it was just one of those dreams of random images, impressions, sounds, and feelings that didn’t really have much correlation from one to the next.

Early this morning what arose in this dream of scattered senses that I was having was a question that I asked, “How did he find balance?”  Who “he” is exactly (or what that symbolizes) I do not know at the moment, but the answer I received was quite interesting.  What did I see?  A toilet.

When images like this come up in my dreams, it reminds me as to why the general population are simply puzzled by their dreams, rule them off as “just weird with no real use of them”, and just ignore what they experienced in their dream.  In fact, I will admit that the first time I had a dream that regarded a toilet during my dream analysis I reacted with an attitude of “Yeah this is really weird, but this is what I dreamed of…” while laughing to myself at the oddness of the image.  Coincidentally, this initial dream that I recalled that involved a toilet I quickly realized actually had a very significant message behind it — and so it proves that these odd  images should not be disregarded.

So what on earth would a toilet mean (to me) in how to find balance?  First, I knew I was asking about inner balance because I know that in order to have outer balance you need inner balance first.  Second, how would a toilet have anything to do with inner balance?  Well, what do you put in the toilet?  Shit — we put all the trash, waste, and garbage that you no longer need into the toilet.

So what is the spirit’s answer to my question of “How does one find inner balance?”  I’m actually seeing two key variables that we need in order to find and maintain inner balance:

1.  To free ourselves from our limiting thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.  All of these things have been created by the world and hold their place within us through our ego, because we subconsciously believe that we need these things in order to function and “belong” in this world.  Truly, they hold no true power and truly do not provide us with any benefit — they only cause us to hold ourselves back and repress parts of ourselves.  These things that we so much so hold on to are created by the world and exist only in the world — and that is where we need to leave them and consider them to be.  Examples may include any or all of the following:

  • Political beliefs
  • Religious beliefs
  • Self-doubts
  • Beliefs of what kind of job you will be “good” at and “not good” at based on what others have told you
  • Beliefs in how you “need” to handle finances
  • Beliefs in conspiracy theories
  • Beliefs in businesses and industries
  • Believing that some things may be “too difficult” for you
  • Believing that “you are not good enough”
  • Expectations in relationships
  • Judgments of others
  • Feelings of a need for competition
  • Fear, anxiety, worry
  • Stress (that is exerted in a negative way)
  • And more.

Did these things exist within you as a young child?  Of course not.  These are all things that you  have gathered and collected from the world and placed as a part of yourself.  None of these things truly hold any power.  They are both figuratively and literally the “Shit that you no longer need”.

2.  The second message that I’ve gathered from this image is the additional lesson to keep in mind once the first lesson is known.  It is: Even when you’ve found your inner balance, the world will continue to challenge you with more “shit”.  Even if you have found a way to clear yourself with all limiting thoughts, feelings, and beliefs this doesn’t mean that the rest of the world has as well.  The world will continue to challenge you every day through judgments, criticisms, and beliefs that may cause you worry or frustration.  The challenge here is to always keep in mind that everyone in this world is only human and you can only truly help others if you provide them with love and understanding rather than judgment.  Yes, it will likely be frustrating (after all, we are all human and it is a natural way to react) but we can’t truly help anyone with judgment.  As the old saying goes “You can’t fight fire with fire”.  So when somebody tries to burn you with fire, you have to come in with the water.


About Jennifer Twardowski

Jennifer is a graduate student in transpersonal counseling psychology. Her interests are in personality typology (MBTI, Enneagram, Jungian typology), expressive arts, dreams, yoga, tarot and oracle cards, world religions, dance, photography, gardening, floral design, and more!

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