Numbers in Dreams

Have you ever had a dream that you opened a book and were stuck one certain page number?  Or perhaps you had a dream where you got a plane ticket with the number “90” on it.  Our dreams are all a collection of various symbols coming from our higher selves and intuition.  In the same way that water can often mean emotions, numbers also hold strong symbols as well.

I’ve noticed this quite a bit lately in my own dream journal.  We do often dream of numbers but we just don’t always remember all of them or really understand the meaning behind them.  I suppose this is what influenced me to read up more on numerology and how this can tie in with both our dreams and in tarot readings.  Here is a little guide that might help you at least get a jump start in discovering what these numbers in your dreams are trying to tell you.

One: When we often think of the number one we think “solo”.  In this regard, the number one can often symbolize independence and individuality.  From a tarot standpoint, it often means the new beginning of something or at least a fresh new idea.  It can also stand for our “ego”, meaning the way we express ourselves outwardly to the world.

Two: Commonly when we think of the number two we collectively connect with ideas such as balance, duality, or partnership.  We can also look at the number to as taking two opposites and combining together, such as male and female, yin and yang, white and black, day and night, etc.  The number two can also be connected to the more spiritual realm and our intuition.  In the major arcana of the traditional tarot deck, card number two is the High Priestess, which stands for intuition and our inner connection to our spiritual guides.  In that regard, the two may also symbolize not only the duality of things in our physical world but perhaps even a sense of balance between our human selves and our higher (spiritual) selves.

Three:  When the number three comes up we often unconsciously think of a triangle or any type of trilogy.  This could include: mind, body, soul; father, mother, child; father, son, holy spirit; etc.  It could also stand for a sense of inner strength and balance among your mind, body, and soul — each are working in good harmony rather than one being more dominant.  In numerology, the number three is represented on the mind plane in the birth chart.  The mind plane is the “connector” between our ego and our spiritual/intuitive selves.

Four:  The number four often represents stability (think a table or dog with four legs — it’s stable and sturdy).  It can also mean a more focus on the material and physical things.  It could also stand for a desire to be orderly and “formal” (like in formal design there is “even weights” on both sides of a table versus informal that is not).

Five: In numerology, the five is in the center of the soul (spiritual) plane in the birth chart.  It could represent love and feeling a sense of freedom to express yourself.  Since it is in the center of the birth chart, it could quite literally mean the “center of your existence.  It could also refer to the five senses in that you may need to pay more attention to what you are picking up via your senses.  In tarot, the minor cards with the number five mean that you are dealing with some sort of power struggle and are feeling rather imbalanced, so it provokes a calling to rediscover that balance and inner awareness.

Six:  As a double of the number three, the number six can stand for a balance of your ego, mental, and spiritual self.  It could indicate bliss and harmony in both your inner and outer world.  As a multiple of two, it could also stand for a balance of opposites.

Seven:  This can represent healing and protection.  It could also mean the seven chakras or the seven days of the week.  It can also stand for learning — one of practical philosophy that you may be experiencing.

Eight: The number eight often stands for power, authority, gain, and success.  In numerology, it is the most active spiritual number because it represents wisdom through intuition.

Nine: Because the number nine is the last number before 10, it often represents that you are in a period of transition.  It stands for rebirth and inspiration.  It could mean that you are nearing the end of a life cycle and are preparing to start a new.  In numerology, it is the strongest on the mind plan and can represent ambition, responsibility and idealism — often three things that we may feel and express when we are at a transitional or change period in our lives.

Zero:  The number zero is often a “blank” number slot, as read in both numerology and often in dreams (unless, of course, you  have a strong personal association to a certain number like 60 or 70).  The number zero can mean both beginning and end.

Eleven: The number eleven is a number of strong spiritual connection.  It stands for intuition, spirituality and enlightenment.  Since it is represented by two 1’s it is quite similar to being read as the number two and could also be seen as a sense of balance and equality.  Personally, I’ve found the meaning behind the number eleven to be well represented by the High Priestess of the major arcana (perhaps even more so than the number two).

Now, of course, you should always keep in mind that you might have some personal association with some number as well.  Say, for instance, something very significant happened to you in 1989 and the number 89 comes up in your dream it may represent that past circumstance rather than symbolize what is listed above.  These interpretations of the numbers come from the collective unconscious way of viewing these, though that can always be variable.  So remember to always check back to your individual feelings with the number or symbol before settling with the idea that it is one of the above meanings.


About Jennifer Twardowski

Jennifer is a graduate student in transpersonal counseling psychology. Her interests are in personality typology (MBTI, Enneagram, Jungian typology), expressive arts, dreams, yoga, tarot and oracle cards, world religions, dance, photography, gardening, floral design, and more!

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