The Limitation of Thought

I recently came across a post with a thought pointing that “Emotional negativity is the cause of a lack of intelligence”.  I kind of laughed to myself a bit, in reflecting on how this frame of thinking is so common among particularly young guys that I have dealt with or even older guys (though that, of course, depends on the individual).  I can’t blame them for it because I can empathize with their perception, but at the same time it seems to ring within me this reminder of trends that males can have toward the female gender.

Are emotions the problem?  Or the better question is: Is intelligence the answer?  Yes and no to both — for a number of reasons.

First, emotions should never be looked to as a problem of any sorts.  The second we look to emotions as a problem then that causes greater inner resistance (no matter who you are or what your view or opinion is because you are, therefore, making a judgement).  This then causes us to want to PUSH away those emotions and feelings rather than accept them for what they are in that moment and releasing them.

Can intelligence help to reduce the effect of negative emotions?  Sure, because being more aware of your thought pattern can certainly reduce the chances of having some negative emotional outburst.  If you stop the limiting or negative thought from occurring first, then chances are you might not have any bad emotions.

But yet — it STILL becomes more complicated than that, especially in the case of women because so many of us are highly empathetic.  All of the empaths out there can easily walk into any room and pick up on all the good and bad energies of those in that area.  I can certainly relate to this more than I’d probably like to admit some days.  By living in a country where the people have a high stress level, are CONSTANTLY rushing, and often subconsciously have negative views and beliefs of foreigners, it can be quite emotionally draining some days and it’s not even so much my own thinking that initially triggers it (I may get discuss that farther in another post).

Now, jumping back for a moment, is mere intelligence the answer?  Not really because that only does so much.  You may understand how to run and drive the car but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll never get into an accident.  There is another level that has to be reached.  Also, I often feel that a high focus on mere intelligence often reduces the amount of compassion and understanding that a person has for others — and so it entraps the knowledgeable one equally as much.  The second one has that simple thought of “I know more than you” it now places that person at the same level as the one with the negative emotions.

In the general population, what we so often fail to realize is that it is the thoughts in themselves that are causing this seemingly never ending cycle effect.  It maintains this limiting frame of mind of “them versus me” — but it’s completely an illusion.  It’s all rooted in our ego and shadow selves.

So what’s the first step to breaking the cycle?  As Eckhart Tolle stressed in his books and what is the base in various meditations is the clearing of the mind.  To realize what thoughts and beliefs that you have developed through your culture and experiences.  To realize that by focusing all your thoughts on the past and the future is weakening you.  This is the initial cycle to break — at least for mostly men anyway, as I can’t help but continue to feel that women need something else to counteract this cycle.


About Jennifer Twardowski

Jennifer is a graduate student in transpersonal counseling psychology. Her interests are in personality typology (MBTI, Enneagram, Jungian typology), expressive arts, dreams, yoga, tarot and oracle cards, world religions, dance, photography, gardening, floral design, and more!

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