The Epitome of True Femininity in Society

I’ve been reading a few books lately.  The one that I’ve been predominantly focusing and learning the most from more recently is a book focused on the Jungian psychology behind tarot.  The other day I was reading into the history and how the major arcana are focused on our evolution in consciousness, with the ultimate goal, of course, is attaining enlightenment.

The first few card of the major arcana: Fool, Magician, High Priestess, Empress, and Emperor.  In simple terms, the fool is the “naive, spontaneous, free-spirit” who is taking it’s first “leap” into the world.  The fool is excited and optimistic, but has many lessons that have yet to be learned.  This is the base of our existence.  Remember how as a kid everything was fascinating and you looked at everything with wonder and desire to discover?  That can simply sum up the fool and we can often have this card come up when we are embarking on a new project or “chapter” of our lives — in whatever area that may be.  I may go into more card descriptions later on, but I’m mostly discussing this to make my point in other card messages.

The next four cards, coincidentally, are focused on our core male and female energies.  The male energies include the Magician, a card of innovation and introverted creativity, and the Emperor, a card of implementation and external structure.  The female energies include the High Priestess, a card of inner awareness and connection to the unconscious, and the Empress, a card of compassion and external imagination and creativity.

Parts of this Jungian psychology tarot book discussed the history of the cards and the layouts of the pictures in various more popular decks.  One thing that was noted that I found interesting was how, in the earliest decks, the fool was facing the right, which was meant to symbolize a need for development of core male energies in the world, also known as the “yang” (in Taoism).  However, in more modern decks (including the most popular Rider-Waite) the fool is facing the left, which is meant to symbolize the need for development of core female energies in the world, also known as the “yin” (in Taoism).

Now, I’ve also read and have been learning in greater depth the theories of Carl Jung.  One of the theories that Jung created as a base to describe the complete human “psyche” is the anima (female part of a male) and animus (male part of a female).  In the chapter in a book I was reading about the anima and animus, the author (a female Jungian analyst) pointed out how this development in more women going out into the workforce rather than being housewives is/will be great for women to develop their animus aspects.  Now, mind you, this book was also written in the 1970s, so the discussion of “women just starting to go out into the workforce” in itself I felt was pretty outdated.  Despite this, at the same time I couldn’t help but wonder to myself “Is it really allowing women to develop their animus in a positive way?”

So I contemplated this for a moment and looked at how the tarot represents the core characteristics of each gender.  when I looked at our daily lives in societies, it is easy to find where cards like the “Magician” and “Emperor” are being implemented.  You see the “Magician” in any innovative new business.  You see the “Emperor” in all business structures and government policies.  It is very easy to see these energies working in our daily lives — but then I wondered: Where is the High Priestess and Empress in all of this?  I honestly couldn’t see where these energies are truly being implemented in any society.  Rather, upon reflection, I’ve seen women repressing their true feminine characteristics in order to “match up” to our male-driven societies.

Now, this is certainly not to say that male energies are bad, as we do certainly need the characteristics shown in the Magician and Emperor in society in order to function properly.  But what is actually heartbreaking is the lack of these characteristics expressed.  Where is the true understanding, compassion, and love that is so deeply rooted in these cards?  Instead, we have women that over-analyze, second guess their intuitions constantly, feel insecure, and are unable to find the true love that is in their hearts.  As a result, we find ourselves jealous of other women, overspending on material things for emotional comfort, trying to control our partners to “make” them love us, and many are completely clueless who we really truly are at a soul-level.

The irony in all of this is that none of those things actually satisfy anything, yet we would feel completely secure and fulfilled if we freely expressed these core feminine aspects of ourselves.  I suppose that, up until this point in history, we have obviously been able to do this in regard to child-bearing but to say that women are only meant to have babies feels cut short from our full potential.  Perhaps if we freely expressed our true feminine souls with strength and confidence without any ego-rooted fear, then we would already have all the love of the world — and if anybody were to reject that, then it would prove their own ego-driven block.

Any other female thoughts, feelings, or perceptions of this?  Or even any male perspectives?  As I feel that it’s even something missing in males as well, as it is a lack of development of the amina in a positive way because of our societal histories.


About Jennifer Twardowski

Jennifer is a graduate student in transpersonal counseling psychology. Her interests are in personality typology (MBTI, Enneagram, Jungian typology), expressive arts, dreams, yoga, tarot and oracle cards, world religions, dance, photography, gardening, floral design, and more!

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