Giving Tarot Readings to Tell “Life Purpose”

I had a tarot reading request this week by a middle aged woman who wanted me to tell her her life’s purpose.  I felt a little skeptical in providing this reading, but since it was free and I knew it’d be a good learning experience for me, I conducted the reading as requested.

As I seemed to suspect beforehand, the cards simply gave me a fairly general answers that I feel would easily be true for any person.  Most of it was surrounded by lessons for us to live in the moment, not seek fulfillment of security in material things, use your creative energy, etc.  The answers given by the cards were certainly not wrong, as I could see these as true lessons for all of us but it was not at all tailored to any individual.  Naturally, the feedback she provided in response was that she felt confused with this reading, as it wasn’t very specific and tailored to her.  I completely understood her perspective of this and I explained that from my experience with the tarot cards thus far, I have not seen any good way to use them to explain in detail the characteristics of a person’s soul or higher self.  I have only found that this particular stack of 78 cards will only tell us where we are in terms of our evolution — not the uniqueness that lies within each and every one of us (which I could see is what she was truly seeking).  As a result, I simply recommended to her a psychic reading by a credible psychic or an Akashic Record reading because I personally have found these helpful with this particular question.

This now leaves me to contemplate what is truly the best method for questions or areas about this.  There are a few methods that I have found to be good in explaining your own individual unique characteristics: a psychic reading from a credible psychic, Akashic Records, astrology, and analyzing dreams.  I’ve found that each methods brings up different aspects of you in their own regard, though I can’t quite say that I’ve felt that any “one” of these methods is better than the others for the following reasons:

– Working with a credible psychic that is only using clairvoyance and perhaps mediumship (no other tools), I’ve felt that it can certainly be a liberating experience.  I can say that I honestly felt like I might’ve been talking to an angel directly because of the great clarity, empathy, and understanding without me ever saying a word.  Though by interacting with such a person in itself certainly allowed some “awakening” and  greater awareness to occur, the layers of issues that had to be worked through were still there.  She was only able to point them out.

– The Akashic Record work was similar in the regard of providing clarity and understanding.  It is amazing what things we can pick up and understand about other people once we are able to tap into our own higher awareness!  The downside with this I found, however, was similar to that of the psychic.  Though I was told these things and the meditations we did helped in the short term, the build ups of past pains would still emerge.  Even conducting these meditations in itself was not quite enough to get a full grasp in understanding that I felt was needed.

– I’ve never been one who is really into astrology, but I did find some benefit by receiving an astrological profile to know and understand how other planets influence me in this life.

– Keeping a dream journal to reflect on an analyze I’ve felt has been beneficial.  Though it doesn’t quite provide the same “quick clarity” as other methods, this method I feel allows you to become completely aware on your own time.  You can see through the dreams what blocks are embedded in you from you past, become aware of them, and then kind of watch how things shift and evolve in the dreams as you become more aware of them.  It’s like tarot cards, in that they reflect where you are in terms of your evolution, though it is more specific because you have people and characters in your dreams that can recognize your past that have become aspects of yourself.

To sum this up, I’ve felt that the psychic, Akashic Records, and astrology were good at pointing out your strengths and areas that you may be good at as far as a career goes.  Personally, I’ve always held a high standard for those that are able to really tap into another’s soul completely with complete authenticity, empathy and understanding — and I do feel that by being able to do that you can that be a source of “stopping the cycle”.  However, the true issue boils down to when YOU are really at the point in time when you are meant to truly become more conscious, which can either be a short or long process depending on the individual.  It is only when you fully get in touch with that inner part of yourself that it can really stick.

What are your experiences?  What are your thoughts?  What method mentioned or failed to mention that has worked for you?  Have you, in fact, discovered a method that tarot can give person a good individual idea of his or her true purpose?


About Jennifer Twardowski

Jennifer is a graduate student in transpersonal counseling psychology. Her interests are in personality typology (MBTI, Enneagram, Jungian typology), expressive arts, dreams, yoga, tarot and oracle cards, world religions, dance, photography, gardening, floral design, and more!

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